why do i blog??

As I said, my name is Sarah and I am 27. I am special needs and an abuse survivor.

Why am I blogging?

Because I know what pain and depression is. My childhood was my version of hell. And I got out of it. I wish to inspire other victims. The internet is my only option to give help. I cannot drive. I want to be a pillar of hope and inspiration to victims who are suffering what I went through and worse. I want to change the general view on the special needs population. I want people to help the ones who need it, not ridicule them. I feel that this is my purpose; and my way with words and compassion was made for this. I do not believe in Christ. I have issues with the phrases “made for” and “meant to be” and do not use them. I will explain these two statements later. My compassion for the unjustly treated is what powers me.

I also wish give information about what being special needs is like; because I am very talented with words and explain things well. I want to be of help to all those who have a special needs individual in their lives. I feel that this is my calling. I take this very seriously. So please ask your questions and tell me your confusions. I will do my best to draw on my experiences to answer you. And please. Be curious!!! Stupid questions are questions that generally are not asked so they don’t get answers; and curiosity remains curiosity.

Now. I have some major packing to do and sleep to get. So if you’ll excuse me.

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