About this program.

This is a funky program.

The only similarity to real college is that we have roommates.

I did say my typing is watched, but I can’t see how in the hell that sort of breech of privacy would not be illegal.

Alright. This program is for special needs individuals. The goal is to put us in a job. Living on our own is the goal of us, but that’s a bonus, not the goal of the program.

There are thousands upon thousands of people with varying degrees of “special needs”.

This program only has about 60 people total. That’s including the staff and residents. I am a resident. There is a day program, where about 10+ kids come in for “school” but leave at 4.


It’s boarding school basically.


What do we learn here? How to behave in a job. How to get a job. What kinds of work jobs require. Interview skills.
It’s the least entertaining thing to do with your time. Call me weird, but I love sorting. So that type of work is fun for me. At home we put all our change in an empty soup can. Randomly, I pour it out and count it up. I like doing that kind of thing.

The others here are also special needs, but…need training, just like me.The only bad thing about this program is that we are all at different maturity levels. One girl is age 24, but acts like she’s 9 years old. She, in particular, is incredibly annoying to me. We used to be roommates, but we were clashing so much that I couldn’t take it. I have trouble acting my own age; but I don’t act like a child. I had to ask for another roommate.This program is strict. It’s high school with extra dramatics piled on. There’s rules here that we cannot be on the boys side of the hallway, and we are stuck here. We go stir-crazy. None of us can drive. There is a class to teach us that skill. We rarely get out.There are people here to help us. They are in graduate school and most are my age or younger. Only one, out of all the GA’s here, is older me. GA=Graduate Assistant.The GA’s drive us to where we need to go and just are there for talking to and solving issues and things. On Mondays we go to Wal-Mart, Tuesday is the Laundry Mat, Wednesday the Rec people come to hang out and get us to do things outside, Thursdays are nothing, and Fridays we all go out bowling. We can go out to movies and such, because it’s within walking distance(so is Panera!) Weekends are just for chilling out.We eat cereal for breakfast; lunch, we fix for ourselves, and dinner is usually a group effort. That’s how it goes normally. We all can decide to go to Subway, if we want. But really, we don’t get much freedom. There is one girl here who has Cerebral Palsy and has a major wheelchair and walker. She’s 28 and so nice and cool. She’s my best friend out of anybody here. She’s my person to go talk to.

Sorry, but I better not say names.The GA’s are here to talk to, but they have a job to watch out for us. There’s a no touch policy and no cursing. I like touching and cursing. Those are complete bullshit. But for the lower maturity levels, not so much. The directors and some staff are here to talk to for whatever. Every single person on the staff is really kind, understanding and patient. There is only one that all of us, students, have issues with.

Why am I here? because I want to live alone one day. You should absolutely read my About page. Look carefully at my Ultimate Dream. It’s at the very bottom.

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