We have an assignment to talk about or show what hope is to us.

My idea is to use my scrapbook paper and write Friendship quotes all over it, be cause that’s what it is to me. I found a ton on Google. If I look up hope, I get Christian based pictures and quotes.

For some weirdo reason, the instructor doesn’t like that idea. Ok….well, what do you suggest I do then?  Write about world peace??

I also will make some origami cranes or something because they’re fun to make and symbolize hope to a lot of people.

I’m gonna do my idea anyway. Because I like it, and hell, I’m looking forward to it.

Plus, in my opinion, it’s better then what the other students have come up with. I’m not one to make people feel inferior, but in all seriousness, they just are and that’s all there is to it.

Danielle, Dustin and I are the most mature ones here. Shane is mature as well, but he’s in the day program. Tony is pretty mature but not quite.

And anyway, I want this project to be something I can just look at and feel good.

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