Why I’m not Christian

I may as well tell you. -shrugs-

I’m just not because it was shoved down my throat and I really don’t appreciate that. It majorly upsets me.

You read about my dad, and my history with church is bad. Mostly though, I just despise rules. And for me, yelling=absolutely not. I bite back. hard.

To me, all Christianity is is rules and yelling. No.

Also, I did take a look  in the bible at one time. All I saw was mineminemineminemine!!!! Why?  “All the sheep belong to me. Everything grand in the world is credited to me. I help you through hard times, friends have nothing to do with it. This person lived because I wanted him to.”  Do you see where I’m going with this? I can go on.

In this way of thinking, I lived because God wanted me to. The medical teams, equipment and MY OWN WILL had nothing to do with it.

Plus I also can think for myself. I’m not a sheep or parrot. I really have problems with those kinds of people. I am too blunt for those personalities to deal with.

Religion, in my opinion, is human nature just being human nature. Humans require a leader. Humans like heroes. Without conflict there would be no hero and no story. Humans like stories.

It’s nothing more then that.

With my history, sure. Go ahead and call me a miracle or testament to the Lord. I don’t care. You can see me like that if you wish. But that’s not how I wish to see it.

The idea of an afterlife? To me, it absolutely makes sense that people want to think that. People can die at any time. Things happen. They also want to see dead people because they miss them. -shrugs-

I do, however, respect the Christian religion. If that’s how you choose to view the world then sobeit. I’m not stupid. I will bow my head in prayer, but that’s as far as I will go to please them. If something comes up that I do not agree with, I may just leave or show in some way that I disagree, but I’m not gonna start a fight. I’m gonna respect them and ask that they respect me.

And prayer. That’s another thing. It’s just saying, “I’m so sorry and really want things to work out, but won’t actually have a hand in helping you.”

And I said that I despise the phrase, “meant to be” and those kinds of quotes. Why? Did you write the book on my life? Can you tell me what time I’m gonna go pee two weeks from now or when I’m gonna die or when I’m gonna go to Disney World?? No. Don’t say that you can.

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