Since I have nothing to blog about but my boring life, I might as well do that.

Ok, guys. Now, to protect everyone’s identity, I have created pseudonyms(fake names) for everyone here. Also it’s too risky to blog here so I will do this on my own computer at the public library. Just telling you.

Currently, I am in the computer lab with my headphones on listening to my Liquid Mind station on Pandora. I was pissed and needed to calm the fuck down.

Oh yes. Only 4 people know that I am blogging about what life is like here. They are G.I., Danielle, Sarg and Phil. I also told JJ and Peter, but I think they forgot about it already. Danielle said it was absolutely fine to use her name but there are code names for everyone else, except myself.

Now. I am generally a friendly person. Seriously, you have to do a lot of work to piss me off or offend me at all.

I am human. I do have my limits.

But what really fuckin pisses me off in this place is the mix of maturity levels. I can say with absolute certainty that I am one of the most adult people here.

What I have found that is helpful to me is talking it out; coloring and also listening to calming music. Yes, I do have a counselor; she is a graduate student and in school for Psychology.

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