Gosh! I’ll be 28 in a couple months. and I just found a list of stagehand responsibilities. I always thought it was one word too.

Stage Hand Job Description
Responsible for assisting with the assembling, disassembling, and maintenance of stages during theater productions.
Primary responsibilities
Load and unload props and materials from trucks.
Assemble and disassemble parts.
Set up lighting, props, and microphones.
Move and rearrange furniture.
Unload and set up road cases.
Perform spotlight operation during shows.
Construct and paint set pieces.
Set up risers and musical equipment.
Ensure props are affixed properly.
Assist with video, sound, and light production.
Disassemble and store sets.
Ensure props are present at beginning of scene and taken away at end.
Set up flats.
Dismantle scenery and other set pieces.
Hand the scenery up into the roof and lower it down on stage.
Work with electricians and lighting assistants.
Set up lights and microphones.
Produce music by operating sound system.
Help carpenters build and install scenery.
Open and close curtains.
Clean up stage and backstage area after performance.
Operate scenery-moving machinery.

Jesus Christ! I’m not in any way mechanically minded. Why do I find this list nearly 10 years after I graduate from school??
Now that I know what the job requires, am I able to see myself doing it? yes. Learning it? yes.
From what I understand, it’s like the royal family. If you’re not born into that life, then it’s nearly impossible to get into. Do I really want to do this? With my disability? Some people apparently take apprentices.
God damn. I know nothing of electronics or technology. A techie would be fun though. I don’t see any major problem with anything on that list.
It’s practically a jack of all trades, isn’t it?? Is that what I want to do? I still think it sounds like fun. I’ve been dreaming of doing this ever since high school. Now I find what it requires. Uk. Oh, come on, Sarah. Lots of stuff you don’t know, yes. but there’s nothing saying I can’t learn them. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! And I thought a job in theater would be fun.
Chill, Sarah. It’s okay. We can do this. This is the only thing I ever wanted to do. That list is extensive, but it’s ok. One step at a time.
A big problem for me is that I put the carriage before the horse.
It will be fun. You’ll be with creative people who create an awesome atmosphere. People will want to help you. It’s ok. Chillax man. Any ‘jack of all trades’ job requires lots of learning. Obviously, I’m gonna have to build up some strength.
ok. Focus on Stanley. Focus on Stanley.
Stanley is my Jack Russell Terrier who I haven’t seen since school began. He’s a year and a half. -ish.
Stanley, Sarah. Think about Stanley.

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