Well, I’m here until Tuesday. I don’t have an ID so that’s why I’m staying an extra day.

Vulcan is missing. Mom let him out a few nights ago, and hasn’t seen him. I’m not worried. He’s a cat.

Cashew just spent 10 minutes nuzzling me nonstop. And Stanley. Oh man. He went bonkers when he saw me out the window. When I came in the house, he was all over me.

Yesterday, I turned on the tv and ABC was just starting The Hunchback of Notre Dome. That is the sweetest movie. I went to the farm with Stanley and he just ran.

Oh. I started The Hobbit. I’m really excited to be pulled into that adventure again.

Finally, I get out of the drama bullshit.

Oh. I had lost my phone. When I started absolutely freaking out, Beth turned super helpful. I’m trying to figure out why. She hates me. She started calling me “Girl” which is a friendly term in her book. I’m so confused here. But my guess is when I go back, she’ll be back to hating and totally disrespecting me because I hold no sway over her. Just like any 10 year old. I apparently disrespect her. In her eyes, anyway.

I heard from Danielle that Peter has never liked me. I didn’t know that. Danielle says that he told her that when I snapped at the beginning, that is why he doesn’t like me. It was part homesick, part temper, and part sound. Jesus, Peter. Everyone has moments. I’m sorry I’m not perfect like you.

I’m neutral towards him anyway. He always seemed neutral towards me too.

Oh, did I tell you that I moved in with Danielle? I start the day not grumpy at all. It’s nice.

Danielle wakes up at 4 am. She does everything quietly and in the dark so I don’t wake. She has CP so it takes her forever to do things like get dressed. I love her so much. Finally. Some real respect. And she doesn’t mind my cursing. Now, I do know how to watch my mouth, but…I love my cursing.

Ok. I’m sleepy again. Back to bed.

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