Now, I hear of an apartment in Bloomington, which is practically the same deal except it’s closer to mom. Guess I better do some research.

This is not the research I’m used to. +I hate research.

Oh yea. I had another explosion on Friday. Well, not really, but I don’t know what else to call it.

Chris and I had agreed that he would get me Friday. Mom had to agree to it. She’s my guardian and what she says goes. It’s more then a bit annoying. At first she said no and I just burst out in tears. It came out of nowhere but I understand it now. After a lot of crying and whining, mom agreed. I wasn’t trying to whine; I was stating the facts, but it came out in a super high pitch and sobs. I sounded like a spoiled brat.

But Chris got me. We got our stuff in a hotel, then went to dinner and a movie like real adults. It was sooooooo relaxing.

Mom had said no because Chris has been in jail before and she doesn’t want a black mark on my record put there by association. Ugh!! He’s not a bad guy. He’s the first real man I’ve ever met including my dad. He’s protective and he would never do anything bad to me. I seriously would trust him with my life. He’s more of a dad then bruce ever was(I don’t capitalize bruce because I have no respect for him whatsoever).

We saw The Maze Runner and ate at Chili’s.  Neither of us have had sex lately, and ya know, that used up a lot of energy and anger. Just that made me feel so much better. 🙂

Even though Chris is protective, I want more then that in a boyfriend. Just sayin in case you’re wondering.

My sister, the metal smith, texted me asking about his age, address, favorite color, and middle name. It’s as if she wants to make something for him. It’s fine, but just an awfully strange question from Tina.

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