How I relate to Harry Potter

It was in 7th grade when Mrs. Robb would read a chapter to the class out loud. It was just like elementary school. I loved it. I wrote to J.K. Rowling and got an answer back with an autographed picture. My dad got me a coin bank, that looked like Gringots Bank. Ever since then he’s always getting me Harry Potter gifts. When The Prisoner of Azkaban came out, I totally fell in love. I wanted someone to be my godparent to take me away from my family. Then came the fourth book and I just lost interest. and started to hate the series. I grew and just thought the whole series was stupid and childish. I never was a fan of wand magic. I finished out the books, but didn’t like it at all anymore. I began to be one of those who insults it, and said I could write something better.

A bit after I graduated(2005) I decided to read it all again, to see if I liked it. I borrowed the books from a friends son. I read them and thought meh.

Dad always took me out to the Potter movies. I went because I had a major interest in special effects and I loved Hermione. Two or three years ago, dad even sent me a Snitch.  I was okay with the gifts and such because it was the only thing my dad and I did together that ended in laughter and smiles. I caught on that he loved the story because it was something he could comprehend.

I still hate wand and hand magic. But now I think that the books are not childish. It’s a great series and plot line. Fantastic life lessons and friendships and characters. It’s a good series to grow up with, and some adults still like it. That’s fine. I understand that. I’m not a fan though. I understand why it’s banned in some places and absolutely disagree that it should be banned. I do not think I could do better. I just noticed the lack of sensory words and I tend to edit in my head. That’s all.

In the second time reading the series, I noticed that Harry and I are a lot alike and maybe because we dealt with our issues differently is why I had a great dislike of it.

Look at this. He and I both had a traumatic event in our past that effects daily life and how we deal. We both had bad guardians for reasons we couldn’t see.

Now, my parents didn’t get attacked by a mass murderer and I didn’t get cursed. What happened to me was that I drown. I do have tiny stitches on my toes and fingers and I have a bald spot on the back of my head. It screwed with my brain. It made things happen to and in my brain that everybody else doesn’t have to deal with.

He had the Dursley’s and I had my dad. I wasn’t thrown in a broom closet or have to wear clothes 2 sizes to big and I got to eat bacon. But I was treated unfairly by my father. I had 3 sisters, but I was never inducted into the “club” no matter what I did. I was misunderstood. And still am. I had no one to speak to except for my mom. And mom could only do so much.

I long for the friendships and relationships like the ones in the books. He became a Weasly and everyone loved him. He had great friends who were by his side. That’s what I want.

I really don’t feel one way or the other about it now. They are good movies, but I find them rather boring. Probably because I’ve been through that exact kind torture and feelings. I don’t think I’ll ever own them, but I’m not opposed to watching them at all.

But if I ever see that bank again, I’m toats buying it!

My dad took me to every movie except the last two. I ended up not seeing The Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2 because I was waiting and waiting but he never invited me. It was our only connection and I just didn’t want to take that away from him.

Now I watch them and The Sorcerer’s Stone is my favorite because the characters actually are the age they are supposed to be.

So…that’s my Harry Potter relation.

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