I’ve decided to get back into karate.

I had a passion for it and wasn’t really good, but good enough. It kept me fit. I’m fat.

I’m guessing a Century punching bag is around $200. My dad bought me some boxing gear and a speed bag a long time ago.  But I’m also guessing dad will pay for the punching bag. He likes equipment. If I send him a link to the exact thing I want, unless, like, it’s absolutely beyond ridiculous, he’ll buy it for me. Buying us off was always his thing anyway.

But before I do that, I need to find a good school. I can’t self motivate. I need a class with a teacher that knows what the fuck he’s doing. That’s very important. If the teacher isn’t fit, then…thbbbt. Sorry, bud, no money for you.

My birthday is practically a month from now, so I’ve been thinking of what to ask for. Those headphones, duh. Like I said, he likes equipment. And a few gift cards. We go to Subway a lot-er I do. We go bowling every Friday, and we’re responsible for our own meals that night. Barnes & Noble I guess. But I have a ton of books already. and when I see mom, we shop in J.C. Penny’s. Old Navy is an hour away…God, Sarah. Think. What do you actually need?

Ok. Let’s see. My counselor is going to take me out to work on my safety warning flags, I have a walmart credit card, and um…well, I’m not the one paying for food here, so I’m gonna get all the food I want. The residents here like despise vegetables and any form of healthy food practically. The way it’s cooked is also disgusting. It’s disturbing for one who has had a very heavy healthy influence.

I’ll be in the driving lessons! I’m excited. But also sad….my “car” money was going to go towards karate. Good lessons are expensive. Maybe I can use dad for that.

I’m expecting to be done with this whole stupid program by Christmas break, if I don’t have another meltdown. My birthday is the halfway point. And then I will move into the towers and get some type of job. Maybe in theater, maybe not. And while I’m there, think about what I really want in life and where to move to get it. Overwhelming as hell man. I know I’ll always need a large-ish place that allows pets. I like my space. And I think, I may have a room just for Stanley. Oh! Walking distance is important too. A bus route, perhaps?? Driving would be great, but I’d still like a bus route.

I don’t know.

I’m super excited. My counselor is taking me out tomorrow. I’m way more excited then I probably should be. I’ll be learning the warning flags of stranger danger. I over share and am not cautious enough. I’m too trusting and just not suspicious. :I

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