TBI info!

Excuse me for being excited about this.

It says that TBI’s can have personality changes. Now, I drown when I was 21 months…I wonder what I was like before.

Everyone here was born with their injury. I’m the only one with an acquired injury(after birth).

The sheet says a bunch of stuff that is totally me but I could absolutely be worse. Promiscuity, Aggressive communicator, abrupt and sudden anger, ……totally me man! Emotional…that’s the frontal lobe.

It never said anything about frustrates quickly….so…although….just wow!


2 thoughts on “TBI info!

  1. stephypowers

    Haha. I have frontal lobe damage. I already had anger problems before the accident. I’m really not as motivated as before. I give up faster now, but because I’m hard headed I have problems giving up too. Such a strange post form you when I’m about to post about neglect syndrome.


    1. stephypowers

      And I know you probably don’t want to hear this, but there’s no point in wondering who you were before. That person doesn’t exist anymore. Sure I could sit all day and try to remember who I was before getting hurt, but what’s the point? I’m not her anymore. I would like to think I’m better than she was because I’ve survived a lot of hard battles. I’m sure you’re better than the 21 month old you that was injured because you’ve been through so much. We’ve accomplished so much and gone against so many odds that we should have never had to face.

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