My contacts came in today. I can see now! To celebrate my restored vision, I’m going to see The Book Of Life. 🙂

Crystal hasn’t met my new friend yet. I’ll tell you how that turns out. I apologized for throwing myself at him and he was great about it. Not a huge texter though. I now realize I’m a big texter. and too desperate.

Oh. That poster I ordered isn’t coming til December 6. I swear it said November 6 when I ordered it, but now it doesn’t. Kindof a bummer, but…I’ll live.

I had my driver’s evaluation today. It’s not finished but wahoo.

haha. It was funny. On Friday’s we go bowling, I decided to walk. It was the stupidest thing I have ever done.  I had no correction, and am near sighted. A bit over halfway there, I get this horrid headache and suddenly realize that I have no glasses, so of course walking somewhere is going to hurt my eyeball veins. I end up staring at the ground the rest of the way and I’m 5 something. The floor is too far down to see. I was starting to really consider doing an alligator crawl. I start crying and people wonder but give good wishes.

I refuse to bowl because I can’t see anything farther away then the table edge. So I stared at my phone for two hours.

My birthday is in four days. weeeee!!! but I guess that it’ll be celebrated over Thanksgiving break. I’m proud of myself. This is the first time I’ve ever created a birthday list that is not a dictionary. The other residents made cakes for two of the staff as a surprise for their birthdays. I know it was rude, but I said no cake. Cookies instead, if there is anything. If not, fine. I’ll go buy myself some cookies.

oooo This bouncy song just came on. Dragons–Caravan Palace. It’s off an album called Elctro Swing, Vol.2. I like it.xD

Does anybody play any amazingly awesome iPhone games? I made it to Level 94 before I decided to quit Candy Crush. It kicked my ass. I guess I can get into Temple Run again. I just bore quickly.

God, I need to loose weight.

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