I have 28 followers….

Fuck man. People like reading my stuff??? and 4 people liked my post on rape. O.o Damn. Thanks all of you. I’m honored and still in shock. 28….god.

I know exactly what’s gonna happen now. I’m not gonna post for like 5 weeks, and I’ll be like, “Shit!!!! 28 people are waiting for my post!!! ahhhhhhhhh” and get all freaked out.

haha. I’m also 28 years old.

Damn. Thanks guys. ❤ This makes me really happy.

Though, I’m curious. Why exactly do you like me??? I’ve never gotten an answer to that one.

Did you like my opinion on rape? Is that why it got 4 likes?? I always thought people never liked opinions. Jesus. Maybe we should start a movement for putting the badness of it all over the media.

And one linked to a post of mine.

I’m touched you guys. Thanks so much. Maybe I need to post more of my opinions. Hmm…

I still do want to answer curiosities and confusions about special needs and abuse though. I still want to help them. But I don’t know how without some question being put to me.

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