Need book ideas….

Call me insane, but dude, I like adore learning about the Holocaust.

Give me some books and/or movies on it.

Let’s see…books I have read are…

  • Anne Frank
  • The Book Thief
  • Milkweed
  • Sara’s Key
  • Night
  • Clara’s War

So I need more. I also read Dancing Under the Red Star…but that was about Stalin. Same if not worse torture though. I just love intensity. Sci-fi, not really. But sure, I’ll give it a shot. Fantasy, YES!!! Dragon’s absolutely rock. Anything like The Hobbit, I will absolutely adore. Anything emotional. Lisa See is an emotional writer. I love her. Badass, do you even need to ask? Historical fiction or nonfiction…if I like the general topic. Uhh…Biography’s? sure. I’ve never read any-except Anne Frank- but I’m open for it.

  • The Hunger Games: we’ve discussed it already.
  • Harry Potter: eh…not really. I’ve outgrown it.
  • Percy Jackson: NO. Just because I adore myths, does NOT mean I will like ANYthing that involves myths. I was done after ONE chapter, people. Nonononononononononononono
  • Earagon: Nope. Bored to tears.
  • Game of Thrones: Politics. NO. Don’t get it and don’t want to.
  • The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings: absolutely!!
  • Jodi Picoult: Read three of her books and I was done. Yes. The Pact and My Sister’s Keeper was amazing, but…..after House Rules, I began to notice a pattern that…was not to my liking. Nope.
  • Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Didn’t understand it. “read” it through a book on tape.
  • The Princess Bride: Nope. I’m done enjoying that one.
  • Twilight: Oh, fuck no.

Another list for ya…

  • I am a girl who loves emotions. I thrive on them. ….yea…well, too bad. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan if you need an example.
  • Action is fantastic. Weapons: Yea, man. As long as they are used for the actual purpose and not stupid showing off.
  • I am a crime nut. Can’t get enough. Predictable=Nope.
  • I love anything intense.
  • No hand or wand magic, please. If there is magic, make it not that.
  • God=no. Bible? Do I need to say it? Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
  • Romance and errotica: sure. as long as there’s an actual STORY.
  • Never read a mystery before. I might enjoy it. Don’t make it predictable. I hate that.
  • Redwall by Brian Jacques were the best books for me as a child. Talking animals are great, as long as they’re not stupid. And they have to act like real animals, ok?? Badgers and otters are my heroes and the REAL badasses, dude. Read Salamandastron and um….I can’t think of ones specifically about otters, but they’re in like every book of the series.
  • Funny: Yea, man. Bring it on!
  • Sci-fi: Make it not stupid and I may like it. Aliens: as long as it’s not stupid shit.
  • Drama: oh, FUCK yea baby. Not high school drama shit.
  • Morbid/Dark: 🙂
  • Vampires: Not the Twilight type and I’m good. –I started Dracula but…it obviously takes a while to get interesting. People say to read it. It’s so awesome. I quit because I’m bored to hell. I’ll get back to it, but…><
  • Sex is absolutely fine, just make sure there’s a STORY and the sex is not the whole book. Either adds to it or gives a break from whatever the rest of the book is.

Classics I’ve read are Little Women, The Secret Garden and The Hobbit-if you count it.

Confessions of a Shoppoholic= an example of one I absolutely hate.

Preferred size: 300 pages or so….not a million, ok?? Just not a bigass thing that’s hard to carry in a purse.

I like real STORIES. History behind them is great. The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings have the kind of back story I’m drawn to. Also I like journey stories like that. Another example of a journey story is Inyuyasha. I’m really not a fan of that one at all, but it is a journey story. FullMetal Alchemist and Naruto are not.

God, that’s a lot of specifics. Damn. Ok. bye.

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