It’s meant for like 3rd graders, but I read it exclusively for 10+ years. Reason 1: I wanted to write. That meant I could not read anything because I wanted to not copy ideas.(brain of a 9 year old) Reason 2: My dad was a bitch and emotionally unavailable. Those books were my surrogate father. I give them nearly all the credit for raising me. About 7 years ago, I decided to branch out. But it remains close to my heart. I remain very doubtful of new books. Reason 3: The animals act like their real life counterparts. Reason 4: Badgers and otters bitch. Reason 5: The descriptions were beyond incredible. It’s what made me in love with words. Brian Jacques made up these stories and told them to an audience of blind children, ok?? A friend then took his story and published it behind his back. It’s fate that it came out in 1986, the year I was born.
The universe likes me even before I was born. It’s awesome.xP

If ANYONE thinks talking animals are stupid, or that books meant for children are beyond stupid, I shove this book in their face. Literally.  This is the ONLY thing I shove down people’s throats and I think it’s worth it. There’s 20 books in the series and the guy wrote until his death in like 2010 I think. 2011, was it?? Just because it’s an abbey does not make it religionist. Be careful. It’s repetitive.

Hehe. There’s a squirrel called Jess that is a main character in one. Ever since, I’ve called every squirrel I see Jess.

Hm..My favorite would be Mossflower, Martain the Warrior and Salamandastron. Badgers, man. I haven’t read the newer ones like um Triss, and Loamhedge and Luke the Warrior. Mattimeo, to me, is the most annoying.  As far as I can recall. I haven’t looked at these books in years guys. I just know they raised me.

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