What am I gonna do with my life? I’m 28, getting my license, and just…have no clue.


  • Being behind a desk all day
  • Uniforms-I like to dress myself, thank you.
  • Sitting all day
  • Standing all day
  • Inside all day
  • Outside all day
  • being bossed around
  • religion-based
  • no animals
  • no humor
  • no fun
  • no challenge
  • no competition


  • to inspire
  • help
  • be of use
  • to make things with my hands-crafts, maybe?
  • to speak several languages and change in an instant
  • choices but not too much verity
  • friendly people who i can hang out with in my off time
  • recognition
  • accomplishment
  • atmosphere
  • colorful personalities
  • i like having authority
  • be looked up to as an example
  • humor+ people who get my humor would be lovely

Well, what knowledge, skills and talents do I have?

  • Writing-can’t write stories. I am not creative in the least.
  • Explaining
  • uh…I do the most basic sewing??
  • I am a self-proclaimed expert on Greek Mythology. well, not a real expert. I just know a lot more then the average person does.
  • i love to learn?
  • I ADORE pretty things and enjoy making people, things, rooms…anything look better.-I LOVE LOVE LOVE colors and seasonal or holiday decorating!!!
  • Psychology
  • understanding
  • call me evil, but I love hearing personal stories and problems. I’m guilty of malicious intent but usually it’s not for that purpose.
  • i love legos???

A florist was an idea for a while. I still like that one. A Psychologist would be cool I think, but that’s so much school. Ugggg. I can’t write even 1 paragraph of a “college paper” or even a high school one. -rolls eyes- Ik. I’ve actually just started thinking of singing. But the haters.><I think I have a great voice and so do others. But I can’t read music.:(

Learning to sew would be really cool. I really like the idea of selling stuff I make over Etsy. I actually have a store with nothing in it.

I also wanted to be a karate instructor for a while. for that i’ll have to get myself back into it first of all.

Patience!!! If I wanna deal with people in any sort of way, I’m gonna have to get better with patience and just ….not being an ass even though i totally want to.

I like making origami. That’s hands on. What can I do that is hands on that I can make money on? Probably not origami. I make some little friendship bracelets. I love to type. Hmm….I do like giving my opinions but that’s not very nice. I like to be liked and can deal with being not liked, but totally avoided? no. then I just want to confront and straighten out the problem. and i like confronting. I like it a lot. but then people avoid me more. i don’t like that, because i don’t understand how you can just avoid things.

Deal with being not liked? ok. Complete avoidance? no. Being hated? I’d prefer not, but if you must, be an adult about it.

I love to be challenged. At the end, I want to complete it, but I crave a good challenge.

What am I gonna do with my life??? -headdesk- i’m so sick of being me. I’M SO BORING!!!! blarrrrg.

2 thoughts on “future

  1. Where Good Things Begin

    I can totally relate to this post right now! I still have no idea what I want to do with my life but I know it needs to involve something creative! Try doing a short course of something that sounds interesting and you will find which parts you enjoy the most (it’s what I’m doing) then you can go from there. Good luck 🙂

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  2. stephypowers

    I’m 26 years old. I have 2 kids. I’ll be getting married next year to the father. For the longest time I wanted to be a computer programmer. I want to work with computers. I want to know how they work. I want to write programs. I excel in Computer Science. The problem is I can’t deal with people. The thought of having to get a job and work scares me. I want to do it, but I’m so scared it’s ridiculous. I’m going to bribe the casino my fiance’ works for into giving me a job. Why do I say bribe? I’m going to cook some jambalaya for them and they’ll be inclined to put me in the kitchen to introduce them to Cajun foods…
    Oh and for Psychology stuff, you can be a social worker with only an Associate in Psychology.

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