Alright, guys. I need help here.

The question: Should I quit this program?

Cons: Read my posts. I can’t stand the people here. I have a big issue with safety. The way they are dealing with this is by not letting me out. That teaches nothing.

Pros: Driving.

Well, if I quit, then, no driving. How much do driving lessons cost? I would be driving today if I hadn’t lost my contact this morning.

I really don’t know. Tony was thrown out because he was throwing furniture. But I also heard that he was having sex. but the furniture sounds more likely. Sam quit because of the drama. I do really want to drive. and the instructor is fantastic. but…that is the only pro. Also if I quit, what am I going to do to fill my time?? Obviously, I can’t use this program for a job reference. I don’t want to anyway. I’ll be stuck in the same situation I was before. I would so love to drive. I can get lessons. But that’ll cost money and then I’ll have to burden mom with going back and forth for it. I could just stay here. because of John. But 3 months of not being allowed out alone?? and I’m not even sure if my finishing date will be in March. By then, I’ll be here a full year.

Every person on the staff and I agree that I shouldn’t be out alone. They won’t let me out until I can say I’m ok and also prove it. The thing is I can say it’s ok over and over, but can I do it?

I just…don’t know what to do. Quitting=no driving. staying=them. If I drive, that would be so awesome.

I just wish that this safety thing was easier. Like everyone who uses this or that word or expression or whatever would be a bad one. But no. That’s not how it works. But if anyone starts touching me before we’ve even left the place is bad, gotta remember that one. god, what am i gonna do, guys? please, please send me advice on how to deal with stranger danger. I beg you.  These people obviously aren’t doing shit for that issue. I don’t want to be watched all the time because I threw away an opportunity. But I can’t stand it here!!! and they’re not doing shit for the biggest problem I have which is really fucking serious.

Ok.. Rule 1. No one can touch me unless I know them. Rule 2. Always leave with the person I came with. Even if it’s alone.

Right? Those are good, aren’t they?

But what if I get another creepy dude that comes up and says, “wanna fuck?” i guess…no and….go away…right??? but what if they don’t stop? then what? well, then I’m allowed to scream and bite and kick, right? I can be viscous.

What if someone is nice and charming but is bad? then what do i do??  I’m so scared, but I want to live alone with some form of protection; a dog, a man, friend or self defense. oooowhat if the person has a gun or knife?  and I don’t even eat and shower every day. How the hell does anyone expect me to practice on my own? what am I gonna do? Defense is all well and good, but if I don’t pull it out at the correct moment then…and if I do, but it doesn’t work or if I’m surrounded by bad people and no one will come to help me?

Ok ok. Calm down Sarah. But if I see a friendship or situation turning sour, then what do i do?

See now? Those are the things I need work on.

Just don’t put yourself in those situations. It’s easier said, then done. If it starts going sour, what do i do? I just know I’m a target.

One thought on “Quitting???

  1. stephypowers

    Honestly, I would do anything to drive. Of course I have a few minor obstacles in the way, but I’m going to be getting my license next year.
    As far as stranger danger goes, carry pepper spray on you in case of an altercation with anyone. I’m sorry to say this but let’s say Bob has a gun, if you’re somewhere public he’s likely to get it out. If he tries to abduct you, make noises and lots of it and scream about something on fire/THERE’S A FIRE!!!

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