The whole safety thing

Well, I’ve been in a few situations. I dealt with two correctly and two incorrectly. It’s a 50/50 shot. I can’t live with that. 50/50 isn’t good enough.

Mom says I’m making a mountain out of a molehill. SAFETY IS NOT A MOLEHILL, OK?? IT IS THE FUCKING MOUNTAIN. IT’S THE BIGGEST MOUNTAIN EVER. Yes, I was freaking out on her really badly, but hellooooo? She says that these people could put me in touch with a specialist. Hahaha. no they won’t! Their solution is keeping me indoors. That teaches nothing. If I need a specialist, sobeit. If I need a guard dog or guard person, sobeit. But keeping me indoors teaches me nothing. I see nothing wrong with the buddy system. But they’re like, “no! you can’t go out at all!” You just cut off my job experience AND my way of dealing with this shithole. Um….explosion??? Does that ring a bell??  Yea, sure, mom. I can watch The Little Mermaid and calm myself…but safety will continue to be a problem. It won’t go away. We need to figure this shit out RIGHT NOW.   Ignoring this will only make it worse. Figure something out, people! That’s why I’m here.

In other news…I’m going home today for like 5 weeks I think. Woo! I get to sleep on my lovely temperpiedic bed tonight and play with my Stanley and nuzzle my nut(Cashew). and possibly have sex. I’ll have healthy food again!! Jesus. I’ve gained so much weight here.

Oh man. I bought The Mask of Zorro the other night. Ohmygod. I was so in love last night watching it. Incredible! I love that movie.  It came with The Legend of Zorro too. Double feature. I have not seen that one, but I’m not sure I want them to be divorced.

Fantastic acting dancing, music, set, effects, costumes, plot, swordplay …………everything. God, best movie ever. I could watch that forever. That’s like my standard for romance. XD  that’s too high for anyone to reach. Will the second one be as good??  And it won’t have Anthony Hopkins.</3 T_T It’s movies like this that make me want to work in the movie industry. I toats should take some dance classes. “Bernardo, pick up your feet.” Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! or theater. Ya know, it’s funny. When was li Before I learned what the holding the hankie up to your nose was for, I always thought it was prissy. God. I’m sorry. I’ve been fangirling over this for a while. oops. OOOOOoooh ya know what???!!Ted and Terry wrote the screenplay! I don’t know the last names, but they worked on Pirates of the Caribbean too! Great stories. And so incredibly well done. I love it how the movie made me absolutely hate Captain Love. K. Stop it, Sarah.

Um…Zach! Zach is the most simple-minded person I’ve ever met. You really can’t help but love him. His maturity level and understanding is about at a 2nd grade level. He understands nothing of the complications of life. But it doesn’t even matter because he’s just so damn adorable. He has a major speech problem and can’t pronounce the R’s. My name is Sawa. XD  He comes up with this giant goofy smile on his face and says, “I’m funny, ount I?” He’s always saying, “It’s gonna be a good day today.”

K. I’ll leave now.

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