Demeaning women.

Hahahaha!!! It’s too adorable!! so true though.

OK. I don’t wanna start a fight here.


Why is demeaning and belittling women accepted? [You action like a girl.] [My woman in life has one.] [woman in life can do better.] [You gotta take control of your woman.] [She/he’s my bitch.] [Don’t be a pussy.] Is the most demeaning thing you can think of a woman???? It’s horrifying. AND why is it so impressive when a woman beats a man??? at anything??? Although when a man beats a man, it’s nothing but healthy competition??? [I can’t hit a girl.] Why? Because I’m weak??? I am weak. But that’s not my point. I like it that men aren’t allowed to hit women. BUT some women are not weak and they take offense to that. But when a fist is thrown, the feelings and suspension is cut because OH MY!!! A BOY HIT A GIRL!!! And then the boy is ganged up on for hitting the girl. But a boy can hit a boy and a girl can hit a girl and a girl can hit a boy. But a boy can’t hit a girl??? I like the rule, but that’s because I’m a weakling. Other then that, no, that rule is just stupid.

Why is being compared to a woman demeaning?? What’s wrong with being one? What’s so special about being a man??? What’s wrong with a woman being powerful and in control?? As far as relationships go, I, personally, believe that while it is nice to be paid for and shit, a relationship is between TWO people, not one taking care of the other always. Why can’t I pay for lunch or whatever? What’s wrong with that? Why can’t I take care of you every so often? Come on, man. You gotta need a break sometime. To me, a good relationship is taking care of each other. While it’s lovely to be paid for, let me get this. You are worth my money.

I don’t like comments that put down not only me, but my gender. It’s totally unfair. [Man up] is also a put down to females. Seriously, what’s so special about being a man???? That he doesn’t cry when his heart is broken??? excuse me. that’s emotional. for anyone.  Why is the thing to aspire to a man that hits a woman???? I can’t even speak to that.

Me, I like being a woman. I like wearing pants and skirts. I like dresses. It’s unfortunate that men don’t have those options. And even if they do use those options, they’re made fun of. That’s rude. I like having my period. By the way, I had my shot yesterday. It has now stopped. 😀 My period …it’s a cycle of nature. and it’s beautiful. I love knowing that my body is working in the way it’s supposed to. Besides that, I don’t like it.

What’s so wrong with being a woman? What’s so amazing about being a man??? Why is it wrong for a woman to take control? Why is it wrong for a man to cry?? Why is it wrong to be compared to a woman as if it’s the most horrible thing?  Feelings are important. Deny it if you must, but emotional health is an important part of being human.

Didn’t you read/see Harry Potter?? Emotions beat no emotions, idiot. I don’t understand you, society. You are so incredibly stupid.

as for [she/he’s my bitch] um… nobody likes to be used, meaniehead. Bitch means a dog in heat, ok??? why is that a derogatory term in the first place??? have you MET a dog in heat??? have you met a dog? Dogs are fucking scary man. In heat…..meh….stay away from that one. Whimpering anything=approach at your own risk, fucktard.

Demeaning women in simple comments has got to stop. Even if everyone chuckles at it, it’s still demeaning. Being a woman is no easy task. Being human is not easy. But if you want a period, ….dude, go for it. Enjoy, man.


I put that video up on my facebook status last night and got this comment from a male: “Do they think having a foul mouth will make anybody respect them? I’d hate to see how these little harlots turn out..” I had to ask what a harlot was. Once I had the definition, I got heated. ….seriously, dude, what’s so fucking wrong with enjoying and wanting sex???  The cursing is to make a damn point. All the adults involved were clearly ok with this for the video. Doubtless these girls don’t curse on any kind of a regular basis. And even if they do, it’s totally ok with the parents. and probably not the same amount as in the video, idiot. They’re understanding of the subject matter being addressed in this video and that’s what’s really important. Everyone fucking enjoys sex. If not…then…you have some kind of body or esteem problem meaning you need professional and medical help. I’m no expert on these things. Go to someone who is. Just because you have little girls cursing DOESN’T MAKE THEM HARLOTS!!!! They still have plenty of growing and learning to do, man. So do you, clearly.  How dare you judge someone like that.

You can say that how women are treated is only respectful. Sure, I’ll agree with that. But then come the deeper questions that no ones likes answering because they’re just unsure and uncomfortable. Pick a side. You will be harmed by not deciding.

If you’re threatened by a woman wanting equal treatment …then be intimidated man. I’m proud I have threatened you. Fuck, I don’t need or want a…thing like you in my life. You’re just like my dad. So move along, little boy. Go ahead and be threatened.

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