my first love

When I was in karate, I had a code. TrustCDHR.

Trust- You need to trust your body. Humans have been evolving for longer then you can fathom.  Don’t fucking doubt your body.

Control- The higher belts were set against the lower belts in order to learn from each other. The older belts were judged more harshly on our techniques and control. A black belt is the best sparring partner for a white belt. Would you put an infant in an infant’s care? Why not?

Discipline- Self-explanatory. You have to have discipline to be great at anything.  Just trying doesn’t cut it with karate.

Honor- I knew the meaning of this word at one point, but I lost my brain glue in the lake.

Respect- You need to respect your body, your choices and your opponent.

Karate is gorgeous. It’s a dance and it’s so beautiful and pure. If I can be a part of that pureness it just makes the high so much higher.

Observing or Openness is also key. You need to know your surroundings. The environment can offer protection and weapons. The guy who started it was Gichin Funakoshi(Ge-chin Phone-a-ku-she)Well, he began Shotokan, which is what I studied. Just….I have so much love for this.

And omg the BOSTAFF!!! or whatever it is. It’s a staff. I absolutely adore it. It just…oh my….fans and swords too, man!! ahhhh!!! such grace and loveliness. I never knew what grace was until I saw a sword kata. what style! -overflowing with smiles, giggles and pure love-

Just…go to a tournament. So lovely, man. it’s to die for.

dude, if i never have another love in my life, that’s ok with me. I have my Stanley and karate. ….wow.

guys, there’s even musical kata. Kata is just dancing. And this is to music!!! it’s so cute!!!

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