Protagionist vs. Antagonists

Here’s a question. Why are protagonists so cute and antagonists so bad looking?? Hello??? In real life, that’s not how nature works. And I’m not talking about movies like Thor or silly little films like that. I just came from The Hobbit.  In Snow White and the Huntsman, the Queen was beautiful, but that was because it was her vice.

I hate how movies dictate life. Like, I know my idea of romance stems from movies. Life isn’t scripted. It doesn’t have actors or to die for costumes and sets or any of that. Why is my idea of romance brought on by films? It’s not fair. That standard is beyond ridiculous And everyone screws up the first time. Why does it always have to be so perfect? and no one ever goes to the bathroom in movies. In like funny movies and stuff, yea. But have you ever seen Forrest Gump or umm…Harry Potter have to pee? No. And it’s the same in animated or CGI films. No one ever has to pee!!! In the cartoon American Dragon, yes, a character had to pee, but….other then the comedy of it, no one ever needs to pee.

That kind of stuff really bugs me. Like, are you telling me I need to never pee or something?? Does anybody else feel this way?  I know that there are many things you can say to me on this, but I’m just saying….does this bother anyone??

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