K guys. I’m like super critical of movies. If it’s not a feast for the eyes, it’s not for me. Period. Snow White and the Huntsman,….omg. That one is my definition of EPIC. The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings string of movies were ….acceptable. Books and movies are two different things. Book=pictures painted with words. Movie=story told in images. Be aware that “with” and “in” have different meanings in this case. It’s almost unfair to judge them as if they are on the same playing field.

Very, very different. Plus, in books, endless things can happen. in a movie, there’s a limit on time. and real people doing things. We have technology and crazyness now, but still…there’s a limit on real people doing things. I’m not downing books or their movie counterparts. I’m just saying they are different forms of entertainment.

I really have problems with stocks. Meaning stock people/places/ things/stories/plots/characteristics…….Avatar?? Eye candy for sure, man. That was amazing. But the story?? Outsider is inducted into tribe and turns against his own?? Um….heard that one before!

Me, I’m in love with stories and back stories, not unlike my own. Lord of the Rings had a back story. Anastasia had one. Sound of Music had one. Phantom of the Opera had one. Jack Sparrow had one. The Hobbit IS the back story to Lord of the Rings, but IT had a back story!! Snow White even has one.

I’m picky. Fuck it guys. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Forrest Gump had a back story. -.-  I think this may be at least a little bit of the reason I am not Christian. Although…Jesus does have a back story….hmmm….eh, still doesn’t make me like him…in the way that others do(meaning the psycho ones).

Acting is very important. But I’m not one to be too nit-picky on that. I place more significance on the soundtrack. If it’s not acted well, then bleh. But I won’t have bad musical scores.

God, I now understand how hard it is to really act.  Ik. I can only be me. That’s all I can do.

Another thing, if it has an original source, I’ll find it. I’m not a reader, but this gives my non-hobby focus and drive.

Kiki’s Delivery Service. Coming of age isn’t so original, but it is told in a cute way. Hey, at least it’s not high school themed! Yuk. >< Mean Girls is in school, but it’s great. It’s a little original. Coming of age -meh-…but the friend/enemy part is awesome.

I approve of Frozen. I have yet to make sense of the original piece. Tangled is #1 for me. Though, the songs in Frozen are excellent.

I don’t like how everything coming of age is set in high school. That’s so annoying!!!! I didn’t come of age until after high school. Well, I turned 18 like everyone else, but I wasn’t my whole self yet. or even aware of myself. Can’t there be coming of age stories that are after high school…and not college ones. It just bugs me. Why don’t I write my own? I did, and it doesn’t go past two pages. I don’t know how to write, unless it’s this sort of writing. Not that I really care, anyway.

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