I was thinking today about my eating habits.

  1.  I eat when I’m bored.
  2.  I eat quickly as if it’s a race.
  3.  I take bites and sips that are too big.
  4.  I eat because I need either the taste or something going down my throat.
  5.  If it’s there, I’ll eat it.

And then it got me thinking of my other habits.

  • I curse an unacceptable amount.
  • I raise my voice too much
  • I actually almost never brush my teeth. ew.
  • I think of myself as clean, but I practically don’t shower until told, and never vacuum. My room isn’t horrible, but…it could use some tidying. That’s not a clean person at all.
  • I need to do laundry on a day and fold and put away, not just throw. My bed has had no sheets on it for 4 days. That’s not bad at all, but still…

I’m sure I could come up with others.  Those eating habits are going to cause major problems in the future.

I gotta change these if I ever hope to even attempt living alone.  I’m disgusting.

Mom got me Spendvelopes to budget with. Cute name. But I gotta work on the other things that need to change for me to live alone. Also my impulsiveness and just keeping my opinions to myself in general.

I talk down to people. This is in the dangerous portion of bad habits. My objective and compassionate side is powerless. This is foul and ……Thanks dad. I feel that this is a trait he just passed on to me, and I got it 100%, and partially just something I watched my dad do.

Knowing is the first step. But how do I work on them is my question. When I’m eating, I don’t always have a brain with me. When I’m bored eating, what other option is there? When I’m in the moment and angry, I can’t stop talking down to the person.  I feel as if I must. There have to be other ways to get my point across and to make them understand then just raising my voice and making them my slave.

Anger management would work. I just don’t know how to go about managing it. I did that to mom today and it was horrible, I say I’m polite. but I am mean. and I like it…in the moment. How do I go about implementing change??

One thought on “Habits

  1. stephypowers

    As far as eating goes start trying to be more conscious of when you eat. Are you really hungry or just bored? For raising your voice and other anger problems start trying to evaluate a situation before reacting. Then again, I don’t know if I can give anger management advice because every doctor I see tells me I need to take anger management classes. I’m like OCD about brushing my teeth. I have to brush my teeth at least twice a day or it will bother me so much. I’m somewhat a clean person, but that’s mostly because I can’t sit still. I have to keep moving. Right now, there’s one basket of clothes to fold and one basket of towels, there’s 3 plates, a few forks, and two cooking utensils dirty in the sink. The floors through out the entire house need to vacuumed or swept and mopped, but I’m tired of doing all this myself. I’m like a ’50’s wife doing all the housework and taking care of the kids while my husband goes work. I even wait on him hand and foot when he’s home. lol We joke around with each other that if I don’t fix him food or water he won’t eat or drink all day….



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