living with mom

ok. Explain this to me: Living with my mother is unacceptable.

My question is Why is that unacceptable??? I am not able to handle money correctly. I am unable to keep myself safe. I barely shower and eat on my own.

Living on your own is HARD man. and living with my mom is bad…??

If I were left to my own devices, I would die. and be in debt probably.

People are evil. Especially to people like me, who have it hard already.  and living on my own is the passage into adulthood???? That’s beyond ridiculous!!! I would die without my mom!!!! i would starve or get fat enough to be hazardous to my health.  How…no. No. This isn’t right. No. Living with my mom is absolutely acceptable. Being horrible to me BECAUSE I live with my mom is what’s unacceptable.  You….how…how do you live with yourself after judging a person like that? How dare you say that to me. You know nothing of what I have been through. Unacceptable. How dare you. How can you even say that when you have trouble with your bills or your girlfriend or your children???? How dare you.

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