out of lock down

Well, that’s it. I’m out of lock down. It was easy. Next job is to try to get in the library again. But that just may be unlikely. 😦

I was stressed out today. After I got calmed down, I went into a new class for learning guitar. And it’s stupid I guess, but I’m super excited that I can now play guitar. Only F, E and G though. But still, I’m super excited. I wanna go for violin in the future.

Also this kid, let’s call him Brad, he wants to date me clearly. He gave me a sad little bracelet and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” It was really cute. He’s somewhere around 19 years old. When I needed help with the guitar, he was asking the teacher to help me. He said I did great like 5 times.

I walked to Subway last night. woo.

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