In my About page, I say I like learning. What do you like to learn? God, lots of things. I wonder if I can even list them. Uhh..

  • The Holocaust and Nazi’s
  • Martial Arts
  • History
  • Using the kitchen, stove and oven.
  • Languages
  • Legends and myths
  • Originals
  • Drawing and painting would be neat.
  • I would love to do photo manipulations.
  • Weaponry(origin, changes, price, history, use, etc.)

Alright, then. Let’s narrow it down.

The Holocaust and Nazi’s is really specific already. Martial Arts…my passion would be for what I already know, but I won’t say no to learning other things. History is really broad…I’d like to know wars, dress, etiquette, hehe when pets came into the home, …..

Cooking/baking is broad too. Well, I want some meals I can make to wow my family. My sisters and mom love to cook. So I have some pretty good competition in that. BUT they do not know how to bake. There aren’t ever desserts. Maybe that should be my job….in the big family dinners.

Languages. I’m doing Italian right now. I want to conquer French and Spanish as well. Languages really depend on where I want to visit though. Where do I want to go?? DISNEYLAND!!!! Hmm…Greece, China, Italy, France, Germany, Norway,…..well, I’m just coming up with places. The Hanging Gardens and the Taj Mahal would be cool to see…..I wanna see that giant candy house in Germany. It starts with a K I think. I’d like to see real elephants and tigers in the real environments too. I need to learn to ski, damnit. ZEBRAS!!!! lol

Legends/Myths. I know my Greek and Roman. I’d like to know the Celtic and Pagan and just the general ways of life and dress and beliefs and such. Dressing and acting as a Celt from that era may be neat for a few hours….or as long as I can stand wearing what they do. I’d like to try a corset and just discover things about that dress. 🙂 I’m wierd. No, I’m not. Just interested. Eygptian and like Eastern cultures would be really cool. I know Mulan is a Chinese legend.

Origins. Well, how can that not be interesting? I mean, we’ve had a toilet forever. When did people think of it and how did that thinking come about? Also I mean Origins in the sense of I want to read The Snow Queen because that’s what Frozen is based on.

I want to know how, where and when dragons were “born” and how they have changed over the cultures and centuries and why they are thought of as they are now.

Maybe I can draw Stanley…who knows?

Photos…I’d like to know how to do those Color Pop things. Like the whole picture is grey and only the skirt and lips have color or something.

Weapons!! Yea, man. The use, origin, changes over time and countries, price, make, blah, blah.

A martial arts master would be neat.

Maybe I should go into some sort of costume or history profession….hm.

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