When did I write the last one?? It was shortly after I returned home. I do not know. lol. Time conception’s fucked.

Hmm…well, it’s far too cold to sleep in my room now, so I sleep in the guest bedroom. Uhh…oh the guy? He actually lives pretty close to me.it’s like 2 blocks down. I’ve hung out with him a lot so far. We’ve become friends with benefits. Works for me man. He’s still bleh, but…I’m warming up to him. We talked about sex. And I said No. not until my shot. I had agreed, but right before I just said no. and he respected that.  He’s very sweet. He’s grown on me, but still ….not what i want in a guy. Attractive…I need to lower my standards on that one. Chris is probably the most attractive I’m gonna get.

He took me to see Focus. Which turned out to be over my head. I got a tad bit jealous of the girl and then my period just blew up on me. I was crying and just….period-y. It was awful. He was really cute about it though. We figured out that when I’m upset in any way, I like to be squished. It helps me gain control, I suppose. Maybe he is what I want in a guy. I really don’t know.

I started complaining about how I’m 28 and not where 28 year olds are in life and one sister’s in college for pharmacy, one’s got her master’s in nursing and one’s a metalsmith. I have no ambition, what am i gonna do…i can’t control my money or safety….blah blah. Yeay period. Thanks body. He actually sat there and listened to it all. He says he can teach me to budget and safety things. It was incredibly sweet, now that I think of it.

Well, that’s it. No more to write. Until next time.

Oh, yea! He took me to Walmart and bought me a 500 piece puzzle, My Little Pony coloring book and pencils. We’re working on the puzzle.


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