How long has it been?

It’s rainy outside. Yesterday I volunteered at a preschool on the corner. I didn’t go back today because in the afternoon class there’s a screamer. Yesterday, I was all depressed because I was explaining my TBI to someone and got to “basically I’m a 28 year old loser dependent on mommy.” It is true. and then Big Daddy started playing. Thanks tv. Pants don’t fit now. woooo. Usually my life doesn’t get to me this bad, but it has been lately. I hate cabin fever.

I still want to go looking for karate. but other then Google, I don’t know what to do. T_T

My new friend took me out last night because I just said I need to feel better. I felt better. The thing is though, he’s promised to help me learn how to be an actual adult and drive and do safety and money stuff….that’s a lot to put on a person. I’m at the end of my road here, there’s no more. everyone has given all they can. They can’t give anymore, but there’s no more road. I’m just scared he won’t know what to do either. What if he can’t help me? Then what?

We’re seeing Cinderella tonight and mushroom hunting over the weekend. He used to do it all the time. I’m just depending on him hard. I’m scared.

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