I was watching Tangled and

Well, I just started thinking it would be very hard to work with that company. I mean, imagine all the pressure to ALWAYS ALWAYS come out with a phenomenal movie. And of course I was watching for more details…but couldn’t find any more then I had found before.

They think of these years in advance. The pressure from the entire world must be…harsh to say the least. I wonder if the people working on these films have to, like, vow or something, not to tell anyone, even their families about what they’re doing. And I wonder if the script is written first, or they work on the actual movie first and absolutely cannot deviate from the script because the mouths and expressions are already down.  Nah, they probably do it scene by scene, just about and talk about what is going to be said in the next to determine the expressions….that’s how i would do it at least. Have the whole thing laid out, but work on one piece at a time.

Well, I’m not anywhere near this industry, so I suppose I can’t even speculate. But I’m curious…

And I wonder what Walt Disney, himself, would think of his company and the movies and merchandise bearing his name.

I know there’s a storyboard, but that’s all I know. They keep them so relevant and up-to-date with standards of today. It just….baffles me. How do they do it? Well, they live in today’s world, too and they have kids. but still…it’s amazing. But I mean, they did create a lot of today’s standards, beit for animated movies, or not.

Just…I wonder….

A bunch of research goes into these, no question.

I need to own Wall-E. When I saw that in theaters, my first thought, was, “This is how the earth is gonna end up in years to come. Yuppers.”

I really like how they’re taking the old films and redoing them. I was never a fan of anything older then Mulan. I’m just not super classical, I suppose. The Little Mermaid is great, of course, and so are others. But classics have never been my thing. I’ll enjoy them when I can, but…meh. They are classics for a reason.

My pill is now working. Good night.

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