I have this habit where I pick at my eyebrows. In high school I did that so much that I looked like I had the eyebrows of the show “Code Leoko”. And now I’ve done it again.-cue Britany Spears- I found out though that I like the feeling of a teensy bit of pain and I like the sound of it. So I need something like that that is not my eyebrows.

When did I write last? It must have been more then a month ago.

Well, let’s start from the beginning. Over Memorial Day weekend, there was a Revolutionary War reenactment. My friend, Sam, took me(the friends-with-benefits one). He doesn’t really count as a new friend anymore. So I can’t call him that. His name will be Sam. lol. It was pretty neat. We got to see a battle, but had to go away because the cannon fire got to be too much for me. There was one point where I screamed and scared the people around us. cx

Then we went around the market of the 1700s. It was ………i didn’t like it. I love love loved the costumes everyone had and the booths and the items. But it was loud. In the “food court” area, there were people calling out their prices and whatnot. It was too much, but fun to experience. And god damn, they have to be overheating in those outfits. Those poor actors. I got to ask two ladies about their outfits. One explained in lots of detail and one said hers cost $150. Sam bought me a little fan. It’s cute. =) I am inspired to research. One of the ladies said the corset is nice if it’s made for you. I want one now. It was really hard to keep eyes off the cleavage. Holy crap! Now I have an inkling of how hard it is for guys. Jesus. That’s hard.lol When they’re pushed up and in your face like that. Low cut tops….well….those are just fun. but those corsets….woooo!

There was a guy with a large cage and two rats inside. Said he’s the catcher. Yup. I would have died back then. I do want a pet rat. But in the 1700s they weren’t pets.

Then we came home because Sam’s head was acting funky.

We watched Dracula: Untold. It’s set in the 1400s. So I say we time traveled! weeee!! but I’m glad I live with medications and cleanliness and air conditioning.

I didn’t like the movie so much. It wasn’t really that interesting to me. The history of Vlad the Impailer was much cooler.

Now I wanna have my own little Celtic outfit!!! cx

Oooooohhhhhh…..well. I’ll tell that part after i eat.

um….this was yesterday. and it scared me really bad.

A 50 year old man that I had given my number to held onto it for a whole year!!! Well, how it began was my brain is damaged and I was stupid.  Later, my brain began to work again. I told him not to text me again.

What happened is really embarrassing. It’s not rape or hitting, I promise. If it was that, you know I would tell about it. It was me being stupid and like 4 years old lured by a free candy. No luring was involved though.

Anyway, back to yesterday. His first line was “Do you still walk your dog in the park?” that set off my alarm. That was after he learned it was me.

It had me flipping out for like 4 hours. He knows where I live. and kept my number for a year.

I told everyone I know.

I mean…I really do think he’s harmless. He’s slow and clearly very stupid. but….even wierdos can do bad things. He clearly didn’t understand that me saying no more is actually NO MORE. he kept my number. Clearly, something is not going across to this man.

If he comes to my house, I am calling …people. I don’t trust the police after taking 3 hours to respond to a rape call. I really don’t think he means harm. But I said no. and that isn’t clear. A restraining order might be clear though…I’ll tell him that when he comes to me in the park or texts me again.

And that’s how my memorial day weekend happened.

Someone also told me to practice my karate. I don’t know man….that was 10 years ago….but..great point.

AND I have another creepy guy for you. Also yesterday, I was taking Stanley to the park, There’s a very very elderly man living right next to the park. I walk past the house all the time. He said, “I think I love you.” I said I needed food.

He’s easy enough to avoid. Just an extra block. He knows where I live too. Although, he may have forgotten. He’s older then mom. I’m sure of it. We’ve waved and talked to him when he’s walking.  I dunno man. Two creepy guys. Both have been to my house. It’s been over a year, but…ya never know. And one has my number.

But if I get a call or they come to my door….I’m calling Sam and my naighbors and mom and Bob and….Becky of course. (she’s in another state though) ……..if i hear or see them, out of context, …..uh….i’m telling.

2 thoughts on “weekend

  1. stephypowers

    For the elderly man I wouldn’t worry too much about him. I’m sure you can run faster than him if something were to happen. I have a neighbor that is kinda crazy where I live.


    1. stephypowers

      Oh yeah I wanted to tell you about Trich. It’s a disorder for picking/plucking hair out. I use to do that. When I was bored and anxious I’d pluck my eyebrows and eye lashes out. It really annoyed my family and they’d constantly be on my case about it. I haven’t done it in a few years though. 🙂 It can get better….



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