Because I know pretty much exactly what my life is going to lack, I’ve decided to focus on crafting. I’ll probably be the one that gets comments like, “Oh, if only I had the time…” Well, lose your job and your car, and….you’ll have time.

So I bought(or had Sam buy) 3 posters and a set of Sharpies. Poster 1 is for quotes. Poster 2 is for recalling karate. and #3…I totally forgot. Plus I found a fourth just sitting in our guest bedroom.

The thing is ….I gotta plan them.  Not my best quality. and I misplaced my Book of Lists. Perfect. Then I gotta get in a routine of looking and doing what is on my karate poster(s). Also not a thing I do. But I need my life on some sort of track.

I feel terrible for Stanley. Poor baby. Mom spent $400 that she doesn’t have getting the carpets all shampooed and super clean. Now he can’t leave the kitchen.:( He can’t be a dog. I dunno if this is abuse or what. but now we have him leashed constantly, and the hoop is on a hook next to the door. It makes me uncomfortable. He should be allowed to be a dog. He’s not even a lazy dog. Well, the only problem he sees with it is that he can’t reach the cats food and he misses us when we leave the kitchen. T_T Mom just says we’ve not been disciplining him right. As true as that is, I’m still uncomfortable with leaving him chained to the wall always. We have two leashes hooked together, so he can go a good ways, but…I still don’t like it. Right now, he’s all content on his pillow behind me, but when I leave, he won’t be. Bob is gonna build a gate for the doorway. I think just for the sake of being a dog, I better walk him to the park twice a day. I let him run free up there. Or just get mom to go to the farm. I think that’s a good idea. I better set a time, because if I don’t, I just won’t do it.

Mom says I can take him upstairs to sleep with me, but…he claws at the door that I can’t leave ajar because of the air. I don’t wake up at 7.

To perler beads I go, I suppose….and I gotta plan out those posters….and go see if Criminal Minds is on. Probably not. God, I’m so awake…take your pill. After I check for Criminal Minds.

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