i will not go to a home because

this is where i left off on the last page, and wasn’t sure anybody would read the edited version.

I won’t go to a home because there’s two people in PSR that are in a home and they hate it. Really, they only supported my reasons not to go.

No privacy. I looove people and interaction, but I do need my alone time. And I have my own secrets to keep. I don’t want people knowing every single thing I do. It’s okay for my caretaker, mom, because she’s my caretaker. But if I want it private, I want it private dude.

I don’t want things stolen from me. Everybody’s scared of it. But people steal. And that’s that.

If I wanna watch Criminal Minds, and somebody else doesn’t, …… I mean, yea..if you’re sensitive, then we’ll go for something else. Or if there’s a game you wanna see and HAVE TOLD ME, then yea, sure.  but otherwise, no.

And there’s the meals! Ew. Hello?? No way.

And people!!! People get in fights all the time. But I don’t wanna be dealing with mentally unfit people. Come on! Would you?? Just…ugh….nuuuuuu.

Some people like me, some don’t. Some people get along with me and some don’t. And visa virsa. I don’t wanna deal with that shit. ….I’m done with high school man.

If you are sick of me being in front of the tv, that’s fine to tell me about it. But, dude, if I’m comfy not doin shit, don’t make me.

And there’s all these rules and shit. people all the time. probably only one tv. I mean. Yes. Limiting tv and computer time is fine. But…too much is where I have an issue.

No. I’m not goin to a home. No way, dude. I’ll take dad and my sisters over a home.  no. I’m not doin it. It may be a cool experience, but the last home I was in was shit, dude. NO. They won’t like me and I won’t like them….just no. Also, there’s the money. I’m thinking it has to split evenly between the residents. No, dude! Call me selfish, but I’m not up for that. With mom, all money is for us. not 20 people.  No. If I get a job, go figure I’d keep it all. But this is government funded. Do you know how much government gives to things like this? I don’t. And I really have no intent to find out.

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