i was on vacation for a month and it was fabulous! sorry about not checking in. I had so much to do!

First of all, I got to spend two days in a row with my sister and two nieces. They are just adorable! We went to the Nature Center and Annie learned how to howl like a wolf. Then we baked a peach pie and she was in a little apron and helping. My sister took me to see Inside Out and then to Waffle House. Inside Out is really cute, but I won’t own it. My favorite was Sadness.

Then I stayed in dad’s house, which is unfortunate, because it’s up on a hill and away from anything but the high school. I went to the beach to stay with my stepmom for a week. That was really nice. I got my toes massages and painted. It still looks cute. We went to the beach practically every day. I just sat there and read a book she let me borrow. There were kites all around so…really I wasn’t allowed to swim. I loved that book!. It was “Kisses from Katie”.

Katie went to Uganda to spread the love of Jesus. It had God in every other sentence, but wasn’t preachy. It mostly focused on the life, instead of “this is the way blahblah”. Such a cute book. I’m going to see if I can write to her and follow her blog.

I enjoyed the wind and took some good walks and picked up trash and just watched everything. I had a coloring book, so I did that while she was busy with work and whatnot.

I destroyed my phone. I was so anxious. but it turns out i was due for an update anyway. I was so scared of loosing all those photos I had taken!! but it’s all ok. My friend got on my facebook and somehow copied them onto the computer. so wahoo! I can frame them!! When it got the second dunk, it was good and dead. and it broke my 23 day streak on my Italian. I got a new word find book too. Water destroyed the other one, so I threw it.

When I came back, mom and I went right out and got a brand new phone. My new phone is an iPhone 5S. I can talk to Siri now. I’ve been wanting to see about a list of wild questions to ask…:>

I had called mom from a peach stand on the road, saying that I can’t be with dad anymore. So when I returned, I stayed with her in my sister’s apartment. My sisters were all gone on vacation at that point.

Mom and I had fun just going around downtown. We found a store with the cutest clothes and just went on a spree in there! The lady spent time figuring out my style and dressed me up. and two guys stopped in their tracks to say how beautiful i looked! in the store. we had a fun time.

Mom had asked me to run up and pay the meter. so I did. When I came back, she was glued into a book of some sort. I set the keys beside her, thinking she would see that i returned and hear the clink. but nope. She did not pick them up. We went into the clothing store, she asked for them, I told her, we looked and asked, and they were gone. I felt horrible that she was so frustrated and it took a lot of time to figure it all out. But she wasn’t mad at all. It turned out that we got a tow and had to go to the next town over to get another key. And stayed in a cheap motel. I felt so guilty after buying me all those new clothes. But we made it into a good time. We ate at Ruby Tuesday’s and ended up getting tipsy off wine. I was being overly stupid, and gave my number to the waiter, who never called-not surprising. It was pretty damn adorable though. In the hotel, the woman at the desk had a small dog who kept humping my arm the next morning. lol Mom had a check from dad for $500, so the clothes weren’t super expensive for her.

I got to walk around downtown for an afternoon. Saw a living statue and asked him how he does it, and gave my number to him. He did call and explained. It seems really hard. but I bet I can do it. I got a book from Malaprops-a local store-which I finished and wanted to return, but it was Sunday.

That was how the vacation went. Oh! I forgot! While I was staying with Chris(stepmom), I sat in on a bible study. Like 7 or 8 ladies came, and it was really cute! I just sat and listened, only spoke up a little. I said that how they want to look at God, reminds me of a child looking to a parent or sibling for examples. They liked that. I even joined in the group prayer. I said, “Dear Lord, I hope all these ladies leave this house feeling special and beautiful.” They were learning about the woman Rebekah in the Bible. I never knew that story. It was pretty entertaining, special and beautiful. If that’s how they want to look at love, then sobeit. It was very cute.

A woman stayed after because her car wouldn’t start and her husband was coming and we chatted for a bit. She was really sweet. She gave me her information to contact her later.

On Sunday,I went to church. That church was really relaxed and cool. I liked it a lot. I went out with the kids my age afterwards. It was pretty simple.

Oh and dad had to go to the ER. He was showing off kiting and hit his head really hard. So Chris took him. He annoyed the fuck out of me by complaining and asking the same damn things over and over. They said super mild concussion and would work itself out. I was kindof excited that perhaps they would find autism, but no such luck. I had to be driven back by my stepbrother cuz I just couldn’t stand dad anymore. But I found out he’s super afraid of hospitals.

Good vacation. I had a really great time!

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