put my cat down

Hey. Sorry. First I forgot, then I didn’t know what to do, then I signed in and stupidly forgot the damn password, then got pissed that it wasn’t mailing me, then recalled it mails to my secondary account.

Nothing has really happened.

My cat was put down yesterday.

He got hit by a car last week, and just didn’t get any better. He was unable to cat. He was moving and acting differently, so we thought he had some damage to the brain. He stayed in one spot and didn’t adjust at all. He didn’t clean himself. The wierdest part though, was that he knew me and what I was for, but didn’t know the basement at all. He had to keep checking it out. When he walked he was slow. When he stood still, he wobbled. Caught himself, but still wobbled. His right front paw was absent of any feeling. He stepped in the food and water multiple times and didn’t flick until long after. He couldn’t find the litter box. There’s still a piece of poop on the floor that I haven’t picked up. I don’t know about pee…but it wasn’t in the box. When he sat or layed, he would sit normally, but his wrist would be bent, like he just wasn’t aware of it. When walking sometimes, his paw would slide, and he wouldn’t stop it. He just layed down right there. On the last few days, that happened with the right back foot too.

I let Stanley sniff around down there while I held him yesterday. He wasn’t concerned, but the cat followed him like he knew he was important.  It was odd…but I guess once you’re disabled, that’s kinda how it goes.

The week we had him, I was very responsible and caring. I held him for hours. Just letting him know I care.

But I’m wondering what kind of emotional reaction Stanley will give when he realizes Cashew’s not coming back. I just hope it’s not vicious.

Please, don’t say, “sorry for your loss” and whatnot. I don’t deal with death like everyone else. I don’t like “sorrys”.  It was very quick and really non-emotional for me. I plan to make another post about death. If that’s a trigger for you, don’t read it.

One thought on “put my cat down

  1. stephypowers

    Stanley probably already knew that Cashew was dying. They probably already said their goodbyes. Pets are weird like that. I had 2 chihuahuas once. They were brothers and after one died the other just became attached to me so much more. Stanley will probably be so much more attached to you now.

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