And we go on…

So what I mean by “tomorrow” is actually “whenever i choose to” which is within a week, so not so bad, right?

STILL not in my apartment. I’m ok with it, because I’m dreading just being all by myself in there. So the wait isn’t so bad.

I’ve been thinking I just gotta get my ass up and doing karate. I’m trying to recall…and find those cards with the one-steps. One woman was nice enough to write them down for me. I figure I’m gonna just stick to what I ruled at. Which was sidekick and jab-reverse punch. Bruce Lee said it, man. “Fear the man who has practiced one move a thousand times.” Then run Shotokan videos and just…do what I can from that. (10 years ago) the class was Tuesday and Thursday from 4:45- 7pm. So I’m just gonna stick to that. and add in Saturdays too.

I learned the actual legend of Mulan today. The Disney movie is so woman empowering, but the only thing they got right was that she went to battle instead of her ailing father.

In the story, Mulan actually has an older sister, who is a lady of society, and an infant brother.

Mulan was not a tomboy or unconfident at all. She wasn’t wondering who she was at all. She was very confident. She followed and trained with her father every day.

Now, this was in like the 6th century or so?? About the same time the Crusades and King Aurther had the Round Table. Mulan knew the ways of battle, men and armies. This was also the time when foot-binding was about to become a big thing.

Her family totally knows she’s going out as a man. She unwrapped her feet and walked around for a few days in men’s shoes.

FOR 12 YEARS she is away!!! and no one knew she was female. Not one found out. There was one comrade who wondered why “he” never let anyone see him pee. but that was it.

I read a version where after the fighting, a man comes to her house asking for this male and finds out that way. But in this podcast, no one ever knows.

When she came back to see her family, she was female, but still had to pretend for the men.

The name Ping actually was the one who trained the whole army.

Oh and! she eventually marries a military man, but he would never amount to what she had accomplished in battle. He never found out though. also, never was in the same group or army people…or batallion…whatever it is.

I love learning things that other people don’t know! 🙂 It’s fun! Am I wierd or just a lover of originals?? I do love the Disney version though. It’s not like The Little Mermaid, where I couldn’t watch the movie for 3 years….I never actually really liked that movie anyway. I’m not a mermaid girl.

And I believe she did accept a place in the Emperor’s Court….and did return home with tokens of gratitude. I think. Maybe I’m wrong though.

Alright. Well, Sarah has now ruined a podcast for you. Ya know what’s super wierd? I had a dream where I was peeling dead skin off my feet (rolls of it) and….when I was done, I had teeny baby feet. -blink-  It was very odd. and it was, in fact, before this podcast was listened to. I only heard it this morning. Though it aired back in June. I don’t like the guy’s voice, but he does tell the real story.

Shall I read Dracula?? The last time I was on Chapter like 6…and was bored stiff. It was awful.

oh yea! sexy little girl witches.I was in Wal Mart and I saw this costume for little girls. It was this 10-12 year old tiny little girl …all sexified in this little witch dress. Her hair was curled just so and her make up…it looked good…………  Why is it that boys are allowed to be silly and funky pirates, but girls have to be sexified? Dude, it’s so not fair. It’s horrifying. I never felt like I had to fit that mold, but…some people do!!!! How America raises children is really disturbing. How America treats a woman’s body is horrifying too. “eat this but look like that and you’ll be fuckable” ummm…excuse me??? oh, yea, i’m sure every girl who looks like that eats burgers 60 times a day. They wouldn’t go near that thing!!!

ugh. when will this shit stoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopppppppppppppppppppp??????? Even men get fun costumes and we have to show skin when it’s fucking October!!!  when every sane person is covered from head to toe. Country of opportunity, my ass.

Beh. I’m shutting up now.

2 thoughts on “And we go on…

  1. Danielle Mazur

    Sorry you’re still waiting to get into your apartment, but I’m still looking for a job and that’s more frustrating than looking for an apartment, but you’re lucky you got it is cheap as you did


  2. stephypowers

    *hugs* OMG. This is why you’re my friend… I love learning weird stuff too. Did you know the ORIGINAL little mermaid story? Let me go find a link about it.
    !! I didn’t think the story would be that long, but if you have a good few hours go read it… I like the original Mulan more than the Disney remake now that you’ve said it.
    I’m so sorry about your waiting for the apartment. Having independence is such a strange feeling that we (disabled people) have to fight for so much harder than normal people. I completely agree about the sexism in Halloween.

    Liked by 1 person


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