In apartment

Sorrysorrysorry!!! I toats would have written sooner. I’ve been in the apartment for like 2 weeks now. It’s waaaaay smaller then I pictured, but…I need to lower my standards anyway. Stanley’s still at mom’s house. It’s 4 blocks away. And the library, where I am now, is a block up. I needed some exercise anyway. I was playing Subway Surfers on my phone for like an hour before I even thought of this. I hate how my pinky falls asleep while I play that game.

Um…it’s super tiny. I’m not sure how big a dorm room is, but I assume it’s the same size. Same size as Danielle and I’s room. Hmmm….1:07 on Saturday…..I want a job.

Uhh….my birthday’s in a week. Sam got me a giant myth dictionary for an early present.

Mom says we’re going to have Bob draw up a floor plan of the apartment, and show it to people in IKEA so we can get proper furniture. She’s so much more excited about this then I am. Sam bought me a toaster and brought over an old tv of his. It’s only fit for one person to watch but it’s cute. I like it. Mom bought me a crock pot. So now I have a board on Pinterest for recipes. I’ve only put up about 6 so far, but that’s good for now.

I have to tell people in IKEA that…I want to show off my legos and origami….hey. now i can toats have a garden of paper things.:) um…oh. dad sent a picture of my computer. I’m not sure if it was Judy’s or brand new. I’m getting it over thanksgiving when mom and I go down there. hmmmm…what else happened??

oh, the other night, me and a friend were talking over text and I got into “how am i gonna hold a job if…”

my point was that…I have like 12 to 13 coloring books. I have to pick one. then I have to pick a page. then I have to pick a color. then I have to pick a space for that color. Why is such a simple, and childish task so frustrating to me?? Because of the verity. I might as well just throw some of the books out. But I don’t wanna. And that’s the brain damage. Yeay lack of oxygen. Thank you so much for not dealing well with verity. I hate you.

If I can’t deal with the simple task of coloring a picture, how does anyone expect me to be an adult of any kind??

My apartment is so disorganized. I don’t know what to do with any of my stuff. So it’s just in piles until I pick something. So cluttered. -sigh-

BUT!! I thought of something exciting!! I can put my photos on the wall and make frames from Washi tape!! Well, actually, it’s something I got from Pinterest. Super cute idea.

I can’t wait to try the crock pot meals. I just wanna organize the room and my stuff. But I don’t know hoooow!! I want to go to IKEA and get help now, damnit! Erg. Mom or Thankgiving, Hurry up!

I’ve also been thinking about perhaps going into some sort of music thing in a college. Not playing or singing, just…using the soundboard with all the dials. And been thinking about pregnancy. Not that I am. Just….when I’m 67-mom’s age- I’m gonna want someone. I am a people person. and want to inspire. and I mean, I know there are ways to do that without your own child, but…I can adopt too. and just not deal with birth. But if i have a kid, I’m gonna need money and a car for starters.  Just thinkin.

For two months so far, Sam’s been taking me to Terra Houte once a month. We’re going on my birthday.

Need a joooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooob. that i enjoy. if i sold stuff over etsy, would people buy it?? I have a mason jar covered in acrylic stones that everyone just loves. and I can make origami. would people buy that? the jar took 3 hours last time….I can make handmade cards….

I saw Goosebumps last night. Mom wanted to see the James Bond one, and I wouldn’t understand it, so I chose Goosebumps. It was very predictable. Most of the audience were….kids. I felt dumb preferring to see a kid movie more than an adult film. but…I wouldn’t understand politic stuff…so…meh. It’s ok.

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