Why TV disturbs me

Mom and I got into this in the car yesterday and I thought it needed to be talked about.

I don’t know how to begin. Um…Sheldon Cooper. Narcissistic, funny, know-it-all. They’re showing how being with a person like that can be funny and cute. What they’re not showing are the horrors that go with it. and that’s very disturbing to a person who was raised by one. My dad was not funny or cute at all. He was a terrorist. Literally. Not in the way of “oh. he’s threatening the country”. He was threatening to us…well, me. It’s not funny at all when you know a person who has the mental problem they’re poking fun at. My dad terrorized. He was a terrorist. Still is, but I’m away from him now.

Hannah Montana is the same thing. One girl living a double life. Hey! What about the people who actually do have that disorder?? It’s not funny at all. And what really made me mad was Family Guy. They did an episode on the Holocaust. I don’t think veterans would enjoy that episode. What if it brought back memories or dreams or…horrors?? I just don’t think that’s very respectful.

Yes. I do agree that the only way to deal with horror like that is laughter, but…I don’t know. I just don’t like it. It’s not up to me though.

And it’s the same thing with the word “Retard”. Now, I have no problem with the word, but some people do. It just makes me mad. they’re showing the “oh, i want a narcissist friend now so he can be like Sheldon!!”part.  um NO you don’t. and then there’s the whole thing about “you’re a narcissist if you put up more then 5 selfies a day” Nuuuuuu.

People use these words to describe themselves or people and it’s just horrifying. and TV encourages it.

I don’t mind the word Retarded. I’ll even describe myself that way. I’m slow and delayed. I am. It’s not bad. I’m still smart. And I will absolutely use ALL my powers of anger to beat you down if you use it in a malicious way towards anyone. Same thing with gay. “That’s so gay.” or “You’re a retard.” upsets me and I will correct you. If you mean “Stupid”, say the word, “Stupid”, stupid!

Mental ….problems…(I, personally, don’t like the phrase ‘mental illness‘ because that indicates that I “caught”it, like the damn flu.) Mental problems are absolutely not funny. Pregnancy is anything BUT easy.  It’s really disturbing how tv ….shows mental problems and such.

Sheldon Cooper is absolutely hilarious. And I’m not going to stop watching it. I won’t stop watching Family Guy either. But these kindof things just get to me.

“Your dad/brother/person is a narcissist?! Cool! So he’s like Sheldon?” -.- I will kick you.

TV is just for entertainment and to make you laugh. and yes. I can always turn it off. But it doesn’t show the reality of the problems. It shows them as funny. But….I’m not the boss of what gets made fun of by who.

This is just me being pissy.

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