Everything is stupid.

OK. Well, it’s been over a month. Now what? Oh. My tests came back all good. I’m not sick. So far. I have to be tested again for the ones that like to lie dormant for months.

Hmm…uh…I’m taking workout classes?? yeay? My waist is getting smaller, but the pounds aren’t going down. I’m about 200 pounds. Still. Ack! Why aren’t you going awaaaaayyyy?! My stupid tummy is still here. I like my tummy. It’s not bad, but…fat needs to go.

That’s really it. The workouts are hard, but I do it. Finally there’s something to do in this stupid town. The gym is sooo nice. They have a steam room and sauna.  Now, I’m wondering if moving away would be a good idea. I’ve discovered a few things. Sarah does not like to be bored. But Sarah also bores very quickly. Lotsa fun to be me. 2. brain damage says I can’t learn shit if it’s in a class, because it won’t let me keep up with the others. school=no. Thank you brain for not letting me learn anything from people who actually do know things. You are so helpful. One-on-one is my thing. But not everything offers that way of learning.

Brain damage also doesn’t let me think of things to do. equaling bored Sarah.  It’s stupid.

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