Oh man. 51 people are following my blog! It makes me happy. One is Dr. something. I wonder if he/she is a real doctor of something..or just an internet name. Yeay! I’m liked! Can’t help smiling.

I lost weight! Well, went down a size, anyway. smaller clothes yeay! Hmm..oh I saw Zootopia. It’s so adorable and sweet and clever. Has some decent adult humor too. I had 3 good, hard laughs in that movie. I love how the bunny has an iPhone and 267 siblings. It’s too adorable!  I’d totally see it again.

In my opinion, I see the conflict in the film as if it’s my own. I’m disabled. People think I’m some kind of strange person when they hear of that, so they stay away. Pushing away certain people because they’re all this way and…stereotyping because you’ve met ONE person who fits the stereotype. Or even if you haven’t met one, you still are stereotyping because it’s what you’ve learned to do and heard about. It’s just like racism. Anyway, that’s how I saw it.

And please do not get the idea that I do not stereotype. I do. Sadly. I’m not perfect. But I do understand the problems that come with it.

Um…well, my plan for today was check my book board on Pinterest and write down some titles that seem awesome and order them. I’m in the library. I have a workout class at 5:15 too. Means go home a 4:30 and change.

So now what? Beeeeeh…I should color more. I say that’s a hobby but I actually don’t do it that often. Duolingo says I can go to Italy now. MONEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. But I’m still doing the program anyway..Well, actually, the picture I’m coloring now confuses me. There are top, middle and bottom sections. I colored the middle but…can’t come up with anything for the others.

Oh, I’m making or planning to make a terrarium. I’ve got an open glass container, but not sure what’s next. I had planned to make all my sisters a cool terrarium for Christmas, but I dunno. Coloring books for birthdays.

Um…bye I guess.

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