Frozen psychology

Hey. I’m at the end of Frozen right now. Firstly, I love this movie. As do a lot of people. My favorite song is “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman” though “Let It Go” is undoubtedly excellent. I can relate a lot to both Ana and Elsa. The artwork in the credits is just gorgeous.

I love being all psychological. So bear with me here.
I really do think the entire message of this film is to just be yourself. In the midst of the …’argument’ would you call it? Or unsettlement! That’s a better word.
In the unsettlement of the LGBT community being legally allowed to marry. Some people are uncomfortable or angered or bitter about this decision. They don’t like it. They will never like it. I think the Duke of Weaselton represented that. From the beginning of the movie, he was made to be a person with bad thoughts toward the queen. He was made as a person the audience didn’t like.
But Elsa was surrounded by good people who loved her and supported her(Ana) in whatever she chose.
She was continuously scared throughout her childhood. That was made clear by the amounts of ice child Elsa put out.
I love the psychology of this movie!! I really do.
One person yells “monster” after one thing happened to him, and everyone’s afraid. Mob thinking, anyone?
The parents tried to keep it a secret until she could control her feelings of fear. Not because they are bad parents. They don’t want her to fear everything. I think what they did, keeping her powers hidden and kept her by herself, was a bad idea…but what would you do if you do if you had a child with uncontrollable power over ice?? Me, personally, I would have her learn to control herself before I let her around the public, or her sister. And kids are uncontrollable. I recall when I was a child, I had many, many feelings that just took up my whole head and didn’t allow me to put my thoughts elsewhere. Now, I had a very specific childhood, but …when you’re 9, you can’t control yourself, can you??

Imagine having a child who has the power, not urge, from birth(not something you have to work for) to seriously injure others. Would you not want it to be controlled??

“There is beauty in it, but also great danger. You must learn to control it. Fear will be your enemy.” Tell me, what else is like that?? Karate. Weapons. Words. Sarcasm. Fire. Water. Lightening. Wind. Snow. Um…sports?? Sex??? The list goes on. Think of a person you love. There is beauty in that, isn’t there? But yes, also great danger. Think of the person who loves you. If they wanted to, could they not put you in great danger? No one ever likes to think about that. They like the beauty and magical-ness that comes with love. But, yes. Indeed. The people who love and know you absolutely have the power to do you great harm. They just don’t. Because it’s love. I love the quote that goes: Love is giving a person all the tools to harm you but trusting them not to. ….Something like that.

Psychological point #3: Teenagerdom is hard. The uncontrollable ice mistakes reflect that. “People make bad choices when they’re mad or scared or stressed.” Absolutely. Elsa had had enough of that argument with Ana. She was sad. And so she tried ignoring the issue. But Ana followed and confronted her, in a way. She was upset and wanted it to stop. That’s not the same as mad, but it’s on the path to it. See? Mistake when she was “mad” that she needed to run from because it scared her. And that put stress on her. “I showed my true self and now I’m freaked out because of what everyone will think!” How is that not stressful?? (Can I also point out the LBGT community?? (The thought of ‘coming out’ scares them so badly, that people will often do whatever they can to avoid it.)And ANYONE who has something marking them as “different”? Disabilities and such for example. Like my own.) But she did what a lot of people don’t do. She went away from who she put in danger to gain control of herself and figure out this whole power over ice and how to not make it a danger. When a person is working with the human body, they have to learn first and foremost, how to not put themselves or others in danger. This ice power is exactly the same thing. Yes, she is 21 supposedly. Who has control over all their feelings at age 21??

Point #4: Hans. Now, I like this one, honestly. Some people are “frienemies”. They’re all nice and good, but then they change into people that want to hurt you in some way. I was looking through my Pinterest boards today, and came across a quote from Steve Irwin: “Crocodiles are easy. They try to kill you. People are harder. Sometimes they pretend to be your friend first.” Does Hans not fit that perfectly?? He had another plan for Ana and Elsa.

Point #5: Ana. Ana was alone for most of her childhood. She was sad and wanted attention and love and company that we all crave. When she got it for the first time ever, she loved er…adored it so much that she agreed to a marriage that was wrong for her. She didn’t see it as wrong until the end of the film. She was attention starved. I’m absolutely not saying she was an attention whore. I, personally, don’t like, appreciate or understand that insult. My point is the two terms are COMPLETELY different in meaning.
Some people do like attention. Ana is one of them. I’m one of them. However, would you say that Ana is an attention-whore? I think not. Same with me.

Point #6: “Love will thaw.” Does this really need an explanation?? There are some people that even though you are nice to them will still be mean. They will not tell you they are confused. Because appearently, the rule of stupid society is: “When a person is confused, do not admit it. Be mean all the time.” Everyone buys that crap. No one simply says, “I’m confused. Help me understand.” They say everything but that. It’s ridiculous.
That’s one big reason why some people are so against the LBGT community and people who are just different in whatever way. Maybe the person wants to understand, and doesn’t know how to bring up this misunderstanding. Or maybe they don’t want to understand.
There are all types of people. And all types of people have certain amounts of knowledge in different areas of life.

I’m stupid in the areas of …cars…mechanics…math…um…physics…building roads…um…piano…music in general…different goneres of music…a lot of things. I don’t care. If I did care I would learn. So if you call me stupid, it’s absolutely true. I know where my knowledge lies. And I know where it doesn’t. If it is made clear to you, where I do not have knowledge, yes, by all means, call me stupid. I care not. So why is having less intelligence then another person such an insult?? I don’t get it. Why does everyone get so fired up because someone is making fun of your lack of knowledge? I’m not perfect or a hypocrite. I do it too. However, when I catch myself, I do try to stop and ask questions to understand, even though it can be fun. Why is name calling a bad thing? I don’t get that either. Bitch? Have you met a pregnant dog?? If I am being compared to the ferocity of a dog in heat, I shall accept. If not, then that word has no meaning. Whore? Not true. Selfish? Somewhat true. For the most part, not really. The people who know me well, know of my generosity or lack of it.
They’re just words, guys. They don’t mean anything, except, perhaps, that the person calling you such a name, does not care for you. And as such, will not be proven wrong.

Ok. I’m off topic. Congrats Sarah. You are amazing at tangents. Why, yes, I am. Thank you.
Frozen psychology is the topic. Ana, Elsa, Hans were talked about. Um…what else?? Aha! FROZEN. The feelings. Yeeees. Ok.
Did you notice how when Elsa was told her sister was dead, she stumbled and the weather became still? Yea. Ok. That’s how a person who cares for another feels. That’s obvious. Ummmmmmm…..what was my point?

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