My friend Danielle has Cerebral Palsey. That one is more physical then anything. She has a brain and can speak and all of it. Her body is the problem. Her mind is on it. She can be a smartass and think her way through this or that problem.

I have brain damage. That one, along with Asperger’s and probably lots of others is invisible. You can’t tell I have it. I’ve been told I hide it well. That’s kindof an insult. I don’t hide it, it’s just…not visible.

I don’t know anything about anything medical. But my dad has Aspergers. My step sister has it and an old friend has it. And a very good friend of mine over Gaiaonline. That one’s also invisible.

Having an invisible disability doesn’t make us retarded. Here. Let me straighten this out.The word Retard means slow or delayed. Not stupid or dull. For instance, would you call me stupid? In some areas, yes. In others, absolutely not.  I am slow. My thinking is delayed. In some ways more then others. That’s all it is. Being retarded is not a bad thing. Slow is not bad.  Why does one have a brain? To…think. To override instincts. To store knowledge and memories. Am I able to do that? Yes. Maybe not as fast or well as others, but yes, my brain still works as a brain. Some things are harder for me. a. emotions b. regulating c. body temperature d. dealing with people when they are assholes. e. recalling things I just stored in short-term memory. f. hand eye co-ordination. ….lots more.

I’m slow. That’s all. It can definitely be a big deal when speed thinking is a part of whatever task(driving, sports, playing music…). But usually it doesn’t bother me at all. Speed thinking isn’t a part of my life because I just can’t do it. And admitting my own limits helps a ton.

Think of it. If I didn’t accept my limits, I would be driving, yea, but I’d be a scary driver. That would probably be the end of Sarah. Nobody wants the end of anyone, especially at the hands of someone who refuses the fact that they shouldn’t drive in the first place. If I didn’t accept things, I would be an extremely unpleasant person. Just for the fact that I have problems that I can’t understand and would totally deny. I haven’t done a lot of thinking on how life would be if I hadn’t accepted my limits, because I’m not that way. My life is how it is because I’ve accepted myself and granted, I want lots more to be better, but life is pretty darn good.

Think of it this way. Can you fly? Are humans biologically capable of flight? No. Why do you accept that? Because flight is just not possible for any human. So what do we do?? Humans, who cannot fly, get into giant vehicles that other humans have created TO fly. (I know nothing of the airplane industry.)

Disabilities are a lot more complicated then that, but do you see my point?

According to my limited and non-medical knowledge of Asperger’s, that one screws with your emotions. and ways of dealing with people. Is that right? Emotions are a very important part of being human. If one has problems with emotions, then…they are just going to have to work hard at being a pleasant human for themselves and for others.

It’s absolutely ok to not be the human that aliens are going to study.

Disabilities are not a bad thing at all. Mine is fun. They cause trouble for the one who has no choice, but they’re not horrible.

It’s just like being not able to climb the damn rope in gym class when one or two kids totally can. Or pull ups. Everyone’s good at something. But the one you don’t hear is everyone’s bad at something too.

Having your whole family be great at soccer, and no matter how much training and practice you get, you just suck. That would be me, since team sports are just a bad idea for me.

There are pleeeeenty of examples to give for disabilities.

I just don’t go to concerts. Do I still like music? yes. I just can’t do a concert. That’s all. I would love to go. But it would have to be a private concert for me. Not so loud, not so so many people and I’d be great.  I would need it to be like a birthday party size. and not a big birthday party.

People do the things they are good at. and don’t do what they are bad at. THAT’S the difference. Accounting. No people and numbers. Some people like it because they suck with people and rock at numbers and money stuff.

My point…my point….uhhh….disabilities are not bad. Differences are absolutely ok.

Why do I blog? Because I have a talent with words. and people seem to like the way I explain. Why do I not pay my bills? because I suck at money and legal crap.

Point-Give us a shot. Go up and help the person who is physically different. Who knows? They may be your best friend. Be nice to the person that is having some sort of problem. Offer to help. We’ll love you for it.

-cue We Are The Champions-

Seriously. Ask why you do or not do things. It’s actually pretty fun to figure stuff out like that. Why do you have the job you do? Why do you not or do have a pet?

Oooh. guys! I have a request for you. Can you think of things for me to write about? I’d love to just hear what you want to hear.

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