Back in karate….what do i put on my birthday list??


Mom went back up to IL to get all our stuff and bring it here. I’m stuck in this house for 3 weeks. Least I have karate. Woo.

This house is awful. I hate it, but I can’t stay anywhere else… it’s just full of bad vibes and memories for me. I can’t color here. My creativity just won’t flow. It’s just so stifled in this house. I can’t pick up origami paper either. Not literally, of course.

I can’t do anything. but once I have things to do, it won’t bother me so much I think.

I can barely think of what to write to you. Just….my skills of expression are turned off. and it makes me feel horrid. Because if I can’t describe it, then how is it going to make sense to anyone?? and then how will it be fixed? I just can’t do anything here. Creative or not.

I’ve just thought of doing a podcast about TBI’s. Because there’s no information out there about it, so why not share my story? I’ve always wanted to write a book, but podcasts are now the thing to do. The information needs to be out there. How disabled people are treated is horrifying, besides from their caregivers and such.

If I want to do a podcast I can’t do it in this house. My expression just doesn’t work here.

Oh yea. I now have a DeviantArt account. It’s Redsharpie89. I really don’t like the 89, but….that’s what it is. I should see about changing it. Made the account years ago and totally forgot about it. But I’ve put some origami and coloring on it so far.When I get all my beads, I’m gonna do Perler stuff. I bet that’ll be liked.

Hmm…what else has-Oh. Tina has bought her very first house!! It’s super adorable! I can’t wait to see how they decorate. It’s like a little dollhouse! I love it. And on Sunday, Tina and I planted a Weeping Willow in the yard. Apparently, it’s a girl named guess what? Willow. Tina just kept calling it “she”. I thought it was cute.

I’m not sure if Kayla helped with the money or not. She probably did though. So it’s Tina and Kayla’s house.

My birthday’s comin and I’m really not sure what to put on the birthday list. I’ve made like 3, but will probably change it. but I gotta give a list! I’ve been trying to think of stuff. I don’t need anything for my hobbies. I’ve got coloring books, pens, markers, sharpie pens, pencils,…no crayons yet. But I don’t even know if I’d use them. Better leave that to me. I’ll buy crayons if I decide to use them.  I’ve got books to read. I’ve got lots of origami paper. My hobbies are pretty good. Clothes? Now I didn’t bring my winter clothes on this vacation. But I do have them. Just not here. Mom is sending down my winter coat and some clothes.  I’d looooove a new dog. Buuuut since I’ve been bitten my sisters are very wary about them and me. so I’ll leave the dog to mom.

The future’s kindof up in the air right now. I mean, mom is coming back here TO LIVE. but just I don’t know what it’s gonna be like from now until then. I am signed up for karate and that’s a commitment, so I’m not leaving here, at least not for long.

Ok, so a dog is out, hobbies are great, clothes are good, what should I ask for?  I’d really like to have some art made by the tiny babies to hang up somewhere. A spoon rack! I should start collecting again. TJ Max card. because why not? I’ve just decided that I want to wear all bright orange one day and make pumpkin bread for November! But I think that’ll have to be left to mom. I don’t know if my sisters will pick out the right orange. OOoooo. I think I’d love a parasol for hot days. Polorized glasses is a given. Warm socks, yes. Cute winter hat would be fun… God, Sarah, first think of what you need, you materialistic person. What is something to DO that you don’t already have?? Horse lessons?? if they can be found around here. A dance class?? I need physical movement bc I don’t motivate at all!! I need a class.

Decoration for whatever my new living space will be?? I like wall hangings and tapestries. Picture frames, duh.  Downtown shopping?? oh, god damn. luxury is not necessary!! PILLOWS!!!!!(hehe. funny. i just said no luxury, but then i say pillows) I loooove fun, silly and fluffy throw pillows. so fun! I want a big collection.   I can’t think of anything else. I want some cool Harry Potter item. I know that’s going on the list. I do need to re-read those. I’m gonna limit my movies to just Wall-e. Redwall?? but I want my Redwall. The one I grew up with. I want that cover.  A computer game?? Sounds fine. But there’s billions of them!! I’d love The Sims, but you need every extension pack for it to be cool. I’m learning Italian….a trip would be like overly fabulous. But no, not gonna ask for that. Besides, bruce is being a little bitch about it. “I have to go first.” beh.  How dare you fucker.

What’s something that’s just plain silly I could ask for?? I do wanna get into painting rocks. That sounds cool. Love terrariums. But once you make it, your done. You just look at it forever. Same with legos. Modeling clay?? nah. well, maybe…Knitting?? I’d love to but every single fucking time I learn, I forget it instantly. I’ve learned over 6 times and never remember how to do it!! It’s annoying.

What do 30 year olds want???? besides money…cuz i don’t have those problems. Well, giftcards of course. Yea, I can ask for that….COOKIESSSSS!!! but I’m trying to loose….but me lovezz da cookiez.


Hehe. I can ask for a Harry Potter bedsheet set and of course a poster. I can ask for a chiropractor.


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