Podcast and blogging.

Well, I have this blog. But this is more of my private diary that I don’t want my family to read.

I’m going to start a blog we all can read…plus a podcast. I think the name will be TBI 101. Haven’t really picked it out yet.

I bought Blogging For Dummies. I mean, yes, I began this one. But I want the TBI one to be more professional and impressive looking. And add photos and such. Once I learn that, I may play with this one a little.

I haven’t really decided how the pilot episode will go….something like this.

“Hi guys. I’m Sarah Jane. Age 30 and I’m a TBI. What is a TBI? Well, That’s what I’m going to explain. TBI stands for Traumatic Brain Injury. From there, it gets pretty damn complicated. Anyone can get a TBI at any point in life. Mine came at the beginning of life. Each case of TBI is vastly different. For instance, I cannot drive; some can. Some have physical problems, whereas I do not.”

And then just go into how I do not wish to offend, and if I do, I apologize in advance bc my words leave my mouth without going through a filter….and tell about me and my life and my experiences….and interview my family so listeners get different perspectives. And then….interview other TBI’s and their families and such so people can understand that each individual TBI affects people differently. It’s not a one-size-fits-all thing. Hmm…That’s a great name. One Size Does Not Fit All. Maybe for an episode or something.

If this actually happens, I’ll have to set up an email account….for comments and questions and whatnot. And I have two emails. So why not?? and I don’t use either one at all!

So I have to figure out a name, and how to spread out the topics, and question list….and LOTS OF ORGANIZING!!!!thhbbbbbbt. But my family loves this idea and want to help. And my TBI groups on Facebook want to help out.

And if this gets to be well known then maybe I can get paid for it! weee! I don’t know. I just have limitless free time and it bugs me to death. I shall do it!

I’m going to address the hurtfulness of the word “retard” and such….

I’ve also decided I’m going to make origami every day. And I’m going to get a new coloring book of Christmas things!!

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