Omg!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! imsorryimsorry!!! god, I’m so sorry guys! I forgot about you for the longest time!

I now have a Facebook page called Brain ‘Splain. I’ve been keeping up with it pretty well. I knew I had to apologize to you, but just kept forgetting.  I’m sorry I forgot, and I’m sorry it took so long. I knew this would happen. I can’t say it won’t happen again, cuz it very well might. This has happened three times. I had a journal on Gaiaonline, and when I started this blog, I forgot it. Then I start a new Facebook page, and forget the blog.

So follow my Brain ‘Splain page, I guess. If you want.  I need the audience to grow.

Just watch. When I start another “writing about life” journal thing, I’ll forget the page. Well, at least I’m constantly writing. And, hey, I’m getting my story out to the public….

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