Life is changing…

Well, before Christmas, Judy, sister in pharmacy school, told me my sleeping pill was having me gain weight–got my doctor to change it, and dropped so much!! It’s like I was a dripping ice cream bar!!

I’m now at 158…or so said the scale in the doctors office!! But the one at the gym says 162. Yeeeeeeeeeeeay! And I’m now a size 10. and need new shirts! weeee!

Mom and I are now fully moved to North Carolina. All our stuff is out of IL, and now in storage. My apartment is also gone. Mom doesn’t get her money for selling her land until September…so I’m at dad’s and she’s in a temporary apartment.

Grandpa left mom a large bit of land that she sold in order to move here. But they aren’t paying her yet. Meanies.

so now I have a brand new doctor. I didn’t really like the IL one at all. She knew what to do but she was really loud and just….not cool for me.

I do get out of the house every day and have Uber to order if I need to. We’ve decided that I need a service dog. If we get the house in like November or so, we’ll need to start training me with a puppy pretty soon.  Today, actually, I was in a book store, and couldn’t pick from about 8 options of what to get. We bought one book for mom. I got really scared and the fight or flight reaction stepped in. I got teary.  Then we immediately left. My voice was barely there too. Emotional support would’ve been great. And I just saw a putty recipe on Facebook that I can use to calm down too!

I have now been in two beading classes and have two necklaces that I made. Photos are on Brain ‘Splain.  Ah. I’m now in a hiking group. Only been to two so far.  God, I am an expensive child!! Every single time I see a dog, I whine out “I miss Stanley.” or “I need a dog.” or whimper in some way. It must be annoying to mom. Since Stanley bit me viciously 3 times in under a week, my sisters are incredibly wary of me having another dog at all. But mom and I are set on it.  When we saw the new doctor, it was one of the first things she brought up. And all three of us want me in therapy. So he gave us some names.

So I’ll get treated and an appropriate dog soon. I want one noooooow….but at least the wheels are now being steered in the right direction. The therapist can even point out how to not get overwhelmed by stuff like menus or a bookstore.

But, I think we better avoid Jack Russells at all costs.That’s ok. There’s many more breeds to love on. It’ll just take some knowledge. We’ll go to a trainer and talk.

Gail has me sleep over on Wednesday nights. I get to be with her and the girls. I’m starting to grow on Annie. She still prefers mom, duh, but she calling out “Sarah, come!!” or “Sarah, look!!” so I think I’m becoming a constant for her. 🙂 and LuLu just adores me. Mommy and daddy come first…but it makes me happy. I’m holding off on the bossing and disciplining though. I’m trying and doing pretty well.

There’s a karate tournament on the 25th. I’ll be performing. I have the moves of my kata down, but now need to work on details. I am really not looking forward to fighting like 3 times. but Jerry’s finding a perfect opponent for me.I wonder if a support dog would be welcome in a tournament…hmmm….that’s something to ask. but not Jerry. He’ll say no. I’ll have to ask my therapist and trainer before Jerry.

I need to sign up for another hike, and another beading class. I wear one necklace all the time! The other only goes with solid colors I think. Maybe I can get in a dance class of some sort. Hmm…

I am in a class called Creative Movement at the YWCA. Granted, the YW is in the shitty part of town, …so the people that come, um…are …less fortunate. In the Creative Movement class, everyone except me is low functioning.  There’s like 2 chaperones in each class too. At least 2. It’s not anything more then just light movement. Whatever ability level they are, it is doable.

Everyone in there is just so cute though. I think one guy has a crush on me. He’s probably in his 40’s or 50’s, but asked me, when was my birthday, what’s my favorite color, what candy do I like,…I’m not sure I can flatter myself that it’s a crush, but…I dunno. I’m obviously liked by this man.  He’s harmless. Don’t worry.

I’m just glad I don’t live with low-functioning people anymore. Of course, that may be my ego more then anything.

I had an orientation of the gym equipment. I’ll use that a bit.

Uh. well, life is beginning to change and I’m happier.

Oooh! I haven’t told you! Stanley has been adopted! He’s with a family who knows ALL about Jacks. He has another same age Jack and two little girls to play with!!!! The family took their dog and drove 3 hours to adopt him! He’s now in South Carolina. I cried when the lady told me. I’m just so happy for my boy! I called on January 1st. She said it happened about a month ago, so november or december. He’s all good and happy now… better then he was with me and mom. I still miss hugging him. But Jacks don’t stay still to be hugged anyway.Mom and I with Stanley was just plain incompatible. We all loved ….but it wasn’t right for any of us.

The sad part is though, that I can’t adopt. I want to take an animal out of a bad life, but…me having a disability and my all too recent history,…..I’m not sure that would work. But mom and I learned from Stanley and that’s the best part. I need a dog who loves the cuddles, can read me and is trained correctly. I need him/her to be calm and kind and patient. Not every dog is the right companion. So no taking animals out of bad lives for me…unless they don’t turn vicious. I dunno. It depends. Also not every human is the right owner. Just have to see….

We learned that Jack Russell Terriers do not work for me.

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