Going to write!!

I just called a number from a flyer about Book Coaching. The lady sounds very helpful and nice and seems like she knows a lot. You know how I’ve been saying that I want to write a book on my life? The disability and abuse…I’m going to do it! Begin to anyway. With correct help.

Mom and I are super excited about this. But I’m not allowed to talk about it with my sisters or dad. They won’t want me to write. They do want me to write about the disability but not dad. So they’re not allowed to know. The two are just so intertwined, that there’s really no way to pull them apart.

So no Facebook posts either. They’ll all put a stop to it for sure. I can only tell this secret on this blog.

I saw Beauty and the Beast. OHMYGOD. IT’SGORGEOUS!! AHHHHHHHHHH!! I was lost in the movie after coming out of the theater. I’ve seen it twice now. Everything is just so so perfect. I so want that for my romance story!!! And I am an outcast a bit….well, disabled…so who knows? I may get a story like that. Wishful thinking…

One of the songs is still in my head and I’m gong to see if it’s on YouTube. So I can actually sing it correctly. And at the end of the one verse that I do know, I begin “A Whole New World”…so….need to learn it..

When I saw it the first time, I just didn’t feel like the Beast was acting very Beastly or animal like in the beginning. I know that attitudes and laws have changed, but it still never felt like any kind of real abuse or entrapment. I say that bc I have been verbally abused and emotionally trapped. I’m still living in this stupid house. I am trapped here.

I said that to Tina and Kayla but they didn’t understand. But it is PG so it is for the most part family friendly.

I have an occupational therapy appointment on Wednesday. I’m really excited. Everyone I tell says that is a super cool job. My understanding is that it helps me prepare for an occupation. We’re finally gonna find out how independent I can actually be. I’ll be in Speech and Physical therapy too.

Oh. I saw another flyer today about therapy animals!! The bad part is that now that I’ve been to the allergist, I’m allergic to cats, dogs, grass, weeds, trees and dust mites. There’s more to it, but …..animals! BUT! I just need to wash my hands really well after touching, possibly change my shirt and not put my face on them. I have not for the past 2 days….and I miss iiiiiitttt……. but I’m going to right before I get in the shower. It does murder my eyeballs though…eeeehhhh……

That’s all to tell. Byebye.

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